Is My Head Swollen?

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Karen, who writes and maintains the blog: Drawing Room Days

The Rules:

The rules are to nominate 7-10 blogs and to share 7 things that others won’t know about you.  If you would like you can follow this example and you can share excerpts/artwork/photos/etc. that you’ve not shown before.

My Seven Secrets.

  1. I live with my parents. It started off as a temporary fix while moving to town. But I had trouble selling and now I rent out my old place and am patiently waiting for the economy to work itself out. With my mom becoming ill it has been a blessing in disguise. :-)
  2. I have a son, I call him Bossman on line because I worry about security. Keeping children off the radar to me is the best way to keep them safe.
  3. I wish I had been more successful in life. Living with my parents has brought on a serious and hard look at my past. I know I’m not the only one that is facing adversity, but sometimes it feels like it. :-)
  4. I battle with conic sadness. I truly hope that is what it is, and not self-pity, but I’m never 100% sure. :-)
  5. I am the most happy when I am writing, and I really like writers and bloggers. Lucky for me networking brings many of them into my life. Thank you everyone. It has been life affirming, and great for my ego. :-)
  6. I love animals of any kind, nature in all forms, ice cream and action movies. I find the planet amazing. The above is not much of a secret unless the subject hasn’t come up until now. So, now you know.
  7. I try to follow one rule when writing what I think is a good story. Don’t harm children, animals or anyone that the reader is emotionally attached too. I heard Hitchcock speak once. The more we care about something the more it hurts us when we lose it.  So I won’t do it lightly.  :-)


We all know part of the function of such an award is to help promote our blogs, but it still makes me feel great to be recognized. Thank you Karen, I really do appreciate it. Karma‘s gonna get for this, and I hope that makes you smile.

I was also tagged not long ago. So more answers await @  “Tag I’m It.”


And now, my nominations, for the record I am a big fan of each and every one of them, and probably would have given up if they hadn’t offered so much support:

Amaleen Ison–She is an artist and a writer. If you get a chance, take a look at her banner collection. They are so unique and beautiful, just like her published short The Trouble with Nightingale–you’ll love it.

Pam Bitner--Pam does a segment called “Pimp your Book” If you’re interested in someone promoting your work drop her a line. She is so committed to helping her fellow writers. The woman is also an author of one of my favorite works titled “The Wolves o Argonne,” it is very sexy so I recommend it for the over 18 crowd.

Rebecca Hart–Has a book coming out in the near future. Since Johnny Depp we all love pirates. Well I’ll give you one hint what she likes to write about. Check out her site, and her book. Call of the Sea.

Julie Reece–Julie is an experienced, forthright, honest soul that has also written a book call Crux which is to be released July 12/2012. Any support we can offer her before, during and after her debut would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

Claire Gillian–Because of her sexy avatar I always think of her a hell of a sexy chick. Since her release of The P.U.R.E I know she is more than just a pretty face. Warm, talented and funny would also describe her.

Jocelyn Adams–Who is she? I stole this from her site. “I’m an indie author of dark, romantic fiction, wife, mother, former IT geek, recovering carb-a-holic and a professional daydreamer with a giant imagination.” This woman has a book in the works and two out there to read: The Glassman & Touch of Frost. And the best part: She is a Canadian–A Canadian eh!! Just like me.

J.A Belfield–Is a master of the wolf pack urban legend novella. I love her Holloway Pack series. What surprises me is her down to earth, almost timid, and very gentle demeanor. She is such a girl. Check out her site and you’ll understand what I mean.

Anyone not on the list, don’t you think for one moment I don’t love your blogs. It takes heart and hard work to maintain a blog and we all know it. If you want us to visit yours too just leave the URL in the comments and I’m sure we will take a look.

20 thoughts on “Is My Head Swollen?

  1. Congratulations on the award. It’s lovely to read your 7 comments. I feel like I know you a little better now. And a big thank you for the nomination. Much appreciated. :-)

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