IWSG 31 My 5-Year Plan

New IWSG BadgeThis post was written for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group where we share our encouragement or insecurities on the first Wednesday of the month, to join the group or find out more click here.


 I’ve thought long and hard about my five year plan. I started wondering if I picked being an author because it is really, really hard to be successful. Rejections don’t hurt as much if I expect them. Hearing where my writing needs work is enlightening because I know I’m not perfect and incorporating the feedback into my work is mostly a pleasure. Nothing like seeing something evolve.

Looks like I’ve done a bit of evolving myself.

My five year plan is to improve as a storyteller and how I’ll get there is by practice and spending time in groups like this one. The experienced writers are always willing to help me and it feels pretty good to offer advice now and then myself.

I’m not a spotlight dweller, and never know what to do when I’m caught in one. I’d like to think if lightning ever hit, I’d be like Rowling and donate most it. I mean, how much money does a human female need anyway?

Who am I kidding? It’s lightning. hehehe

And that’s what gets me submitting, because my biggest fear is success.

good-night-1857356_1280So where do I see myself in five years? It might be in therapy trying to get over my fear, but I doubt it. It might be writing like I do today feeling the passion and enjoying the ride. Somehow I don’t think it matters as long as I’m able to express myself.

Making some money sounds great. Even being partnered up with an agent would be awesome, but spending time in our community is where my heart lives. What about you, are you enjoying the journey?