IWSG #22 – I’m Not Going To Be A Millionaire

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How silly is that? I’m not going to be a millionaire. It used to be a thing when I was young. All of us wondered what we would do with a million dollars. Now I wonder why I bothered to stop at six figures.

purse-948414_1280Since I’ve been published it seems some people and their besties want part of the pie and they make me laugh.

Best kept secret EVAH!

The only people that know most authors don’t make fists full of money are the authors. *sigh* I’ve tried to tell them that if I ever made it big, huge big, we’ll all be too old. I’m using Stephen King’s time line of ten years to success.

Ten years only guarantees that many more readers may know who I am. It money-938769_1280doesn’t guarantee I’ll be rich. HA!

I don’t know if the jokes on them or me. I’m thinking them, since I’m the one laughing. I’m going to ignore the pressure and carry on as usual.

What about you? Anyone one got their hand out yet? After all, we are author superstars. :-)