Top Five Reasons to Read The Surrogate Sea

Surrogate Sea Launch Week Tour Pics, NovellaDanielle E. Shipley’s Top Five Post

5) Because you’ve read Books One through Five, so you already know the series just keeps getting better!

4) The Little Mermaid. Whether the Disney version is one of your all-time favorite movies, or your heart’s got a soft spot for the Hans Christian Andersen original, you’ll find this retelling is up there with the best of ‘em.

3) Edgwyn Wyle. He may not have one of the starring roles, but he’s still around and just as utterly darling as he’s been since Book Two. Go love him.

2) Nature elementals! The Sun, Moon, and winds, the Great Sea and Wilderhark Forest himself… it’s like a mythological pantheon! If you like following the exploits of Olympians, Asgardians, and their supernatural ilk, you’ll want to see what’s up with the Welkens above and their servants below. And, um, keep an eye on the local trickster, in particular. Fair warning.

1) You’ve seen the incredible cover art for the book, right? Well, the story behind it is every bit as magnicent. Trust me. Better yet, don’t. Read the book for yourself, and get swept away by wonder!

Surrogate Sea Launch Week Tour Pics, SeriesSurrogate Sea Launch Week Tour Pics, Author

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