My First Book Reading

Three Worlds Press, my publisher, is releasing a hard copy of White Light in February 2016.

This blows me away and leads to readings/signings which is as scary as it is exciting. I rallied long enough to ask our local library branch if they would be interested in my reading from White Light, and they were.

Later, I attended an author’s talk about the research required for a Second World bookshelf-32811_1280War historical fiction. The woman must have loved the era because she did six years of research. No way I could slog through all of that.

As I listened to the speaker, I wondered what the library would expect from me. No way I would want to talk about police procedure, body decomposition, or trace collection. Sure I have a general understanding; I’m a cozy mystery writer.

I love the clues, wacky characters that are good, good people, and justice.

My idea of entertainment is watching Murder, She Wrote reruns, or reading books written by Dame Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Peters, JD Robb, and Janet Evanovich. I understand some people don’t get murder mysteries or even cozy mysteries. These books have their charm and place on the shelves. To be a part of it, even if it’s a very small part, makes me feel good.

So I’m planning to read my work to my hometown folk and take questions on how I managed to get published. Luckily, I’ve done some public speaking and can put on my entertainer’s hat. The Grand Forks Writer’s Guild will be there to cheer me on and so will my family.

I’m not sure about this part of the marketing plan. Like with everything else I’ve tried, I know I’ll muddle through somehow, and learn from my bumps along thelotus-148879_1280 way.

Time for your success stories. Tell me what you enjoy most when signing/reading or making a speech. I’m dying to know. :-)