Guess Who Is Attending SiWC16

To be honest, I never thought I’d do this. In fact, if you asked me last year I would have laughed, and laughed hard. Me at a convention. I’m a small town gal.

Somehow things changed. It’s not that I expect to be discovered, although I think I’d like that; I just need more from my writing life. I’ve picked dry most of my writing manuals. My writing groups are great, yet I”m missing something profound.

After some hard thinking, I realized how much I want to talk shop, and meet people I’ve only interacted with on line. So many of the industry post their experiences, keeping the rest of us in the loop. I’d love to shake some hands, practice a few pitch sessions, workshop and soak it all up in person.

I can’t wait to go. What would you do first if you were me?