My First Writing Conference is Days Away

Do I have big plans or what?

On the 20th someone you know and love will drive away from lovely Grand Forks and head to Surrey, BC for the SiWC16. I’m torn between a little scared and extremely happy to be hitting my first conference.


I’ll be attending one Masterclass—Seven Techniques of Fiction Mastery—with Donald Maass and am hoping this class will bump up my writing. Since I didn’t win the SiWC16 Writing Contest, my confidence is on the low side.

Pitch Session

I’ve reserved a pitching appointment with Laura Bradford and don’t have a pitch ready. At first I thought I’d better cancel then I did some digging around on the net. Apparently it is okay to go empty-handed. I’m a huge fan of Laura and it will be a great pleasure to meet her. Without knowing it, she has taught me what the typical day of an agent is all about. Now I understand why it takes time to respond to a submission.

Blue Pencil Session

I’ve also have a Blue Pencil Session with Bob Mayer. When I started learning about the craft, I found his name all over the net. I have feeling the session will be hard on the ego, but I plan to listen hard and hopefully ask a few intelligent questions. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself.

Meeting My First Internet Acquaintance

And the best part of the conference is meeting someone face-to-face. Holli Moncrieff is a fellow Canadian, blogger buddy and horror writer. We met through the IWSG Meme and constantly visit each others blog. I have no idea if we are checking out the same workshops but knowing a familiar face at the conference has soothed my nerves immensely.

So what do you think? Am I going to have fun or what?🙂