#NaNoWriMo 2012

Guess who is writing for NaNo again this year. Yeah, it’s me. It started on November 1st and will end on November 30th. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it is a writing marathon of sorts. The participants write 50,000 words in thirty days. If they meet the word count–they win.

Simple. Difficult. Challenging.

I’m so in.

Last year I won writing a mystery. I met the word count and finished the story. It was such a surprise.

I can’t say my story is something anyone would enjoy reading, not as it is anyway, but I finished.

How did I do it? I assigned a word count that I met every day. I never, ever looked back. If something bothered me I made a note, promised to look at it later, let it go, and kept writing. I have never pushed for something so hard in all my life.

This year will be different. I’ll be working during some of the month which will leave me less time to write. I understand story structure, characterization, dialogue, and voice much better. That could slow me down. If I follow the writing rules, can I do it? Maybe not, but If I write from the heart I know I can.

Meh, I can fix it later.

Last year’s attempt was such a mess. I started revising and finally gave up ten chapters in. I shudder when I think of going back.

Anyway, this year will be fun. My story is called “of Reflection.” My characters range from dragons, royalty, mystic creatures to an arctic fox, I’m hoping for a alien visitation of sorts. I promise to clean it up and post an excerpt . . . eventually.

Let me invite you write, donate or support writing worldwide. Come visit NaNoWriMo and see what all the shouting is about.

4 responses to “#NaNoWriMo 2012

  1. Woot Woot! Congrats for participating this year. Your story sounds really interesting and I look forward to reading that excerpt. 🙂
    I tried last year and was forced to stop at about 8 chapters hehehe.. I kept of hopping back to add details, finally gave up. I’m taking part this year, and so far,I haven’t gone back on the story to check if anything is correct, so I’m happy 🙂 The word count is low, but hope to catch up today. Happy Nano-ing!

    • OH Cece you fell for the trap. I kept going when it was done and finished I had a very detailed outline with plot holes and a dash of confusion.

      I need to go an punch it into shape—ugh.

      Anyway, buddy up on the Nano site if and when you get a chance.

  2. Good luck. I fell behind on my word count. I have a lot of catching up to do today

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