#NaNoWriMo Winner Here!

Okay somehow I did it. I won at NaNoWriMo for a second time in a row. It was much tougher than last time. Like I had mentioned before, I have more rules to follow. I admit I wrote a better story and posted the first page below.

nanowrimo 2012 winner


Dunghill Dullop backed further into the shadows. With his spine against the wall he inched toward the library door. Murmurs of the duty guards echoed from the main hall. He froze in place until the whispering stopped. Swallowing hard he crept along the rough wall. When his mother noticed how snagged his clothes were he would get hell, but Dung kept going because time was running out.

Why had he taught himself to read? Why had he borrowed another book from the king’s library? Why was one book never enough? Why?

Boots resounded on the floor as the guards marched between Dung’s hiding place and the large oak door. The men paused.

“You smell that, Harold?”

“Damn stables when the wind blows just right it comes in to knock us out.”

“Let’s come back later.”

Hard heels clomped along the hallway, getting quieter with each step.

Funny, Dung thought, I don’t smell anything.

The boy tightened his grip on the leather cover, and with swift assurance he came around a corner, then skidded to a stop. Without thinking he slipped behind a suit of armor and tried to quieten his breath. Prince William stood by the library door. He looked one way then the other. A smile, the prince reserved for pushing servant girls out of his way, crossed his face. He slowly opened the library door and went in.

Dung couldn’t stay put. He went to the open door. Peeked around the sharp wooden edge. The prince stood on a ladder pulling out what everyone knew was the king’s favorite book. It had a burgundy cover, with large gold lettering. Something Dung had always wanted to borrow, but was too afraid to take.

After all, all this borrowing would be called stealing if the wrong person caught him in the act.

Prince William opened the book and ripped out one page, two pages, three. Dung wanted to scream, to beg the teenager to stop, but he knew the prince could do what he liked when he liked. Who would listen to a boy from the stables? Dung went back behind the armor wishing the king would never die and that that evil boy would never come to power.


You tell me, How’d I do?

20 responses to “#NaNoWriMo Winner Here!

  1. Ooo, I like it!!! Congratulations! I think each year we raise our standards just a bit higher. I know I do. I was surprised I finished this year. I really love the feel of your story and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Now edit and publish so the rest of us can read your awesomeness!

  2. Loved what you have here. Congrats on the second win! NaNoWriMo is not easy chore , so hurray for you πŸ™‚ Wishing you continuing success and from the sample I read here it will definitely be forthcoming!

  3. Congratulations on winning!! I really like it, I’m intrigued…

  4. Congratulations, Em. Really pleased for you. Love the excerpt, too!

  5. Woohoo! congrats, Em. You did it! πŸ™‚ And what a great excerpt! Sounds liks a great story. Poor Dung! I can only imagine how he feels about books. Look forward to reading the whole story when it’s out. Hope really soon. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the woohoo. I’m blushing a little.

      I’m glad you liked my work. It might be a while before it’s out, but i could always use a beta reader when the time is right. πŸ™‚

  6. Congrats on winning this! Keep it up πŸ˜‰

  7. This is great – big congrats. I’m inspired to do this in 2013.

  8. Congratulations on another win!
    Loved the excerpt. Great idea to have the story including books and reading. I’m already wondering….

  9. Congratulations on your win. I really liked the excerpt. It was very interesting and left me wanting to know what happens next. Thanks for sharing.

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