Blogging–Looking For MEME

So I was told that posting my blog on the weekend was the wrong thing to do. A waste of time. The marketing people @ J Taylor Publishing suggested that if I wanted action, real good action, I needed to change my posting day.

That got me thinking.

I tried to pick another day, and then one thing led to another.

Which one? I wanted one day for my regular posts. Keeping a few days open for the unexpected. And the Meme popped into my head and it began.

Daily Meme Collection


Curious as a CatExpress YourselfIn My MailboxLimerick-Off MondayMusing Mondays Monday Movie MemeWhat Are You Reading Mondays?


Story-Time TuesdayTeasers TuesdaysTell Me Something TuesdayTMI TuesdaysTop Ten TuesdaysTrifecta Writing Challenge


ABC WednesdaysBook Review WednesdayDesperately Wanting WednesdayLiterary AddictsMy Book Boyfriend“Waiting On” WednesdayWondrous Words WednesdayWordless WednesdayWriterly Wisdom WednesdayWWW Wednesday


Alphabe-ThursdayBooking Through ThursdayThink Out LoudHalf-Nekkid ThursdayI Love FranceTwo Questions Thursday


Book Beginnings on FridayBook Blogger HopFeature and Follow FridayFreakin FridaysFreeview FridaysFriday Fill-InsFriday FindsFriday 5The Friday 56Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun


Imprint Saturday –  My Favorite Find Quote It SaturdaySaturday CentusSaturday SnapshotSave-A-Word SaturdayStacking the ShelvesSuccinctly YoursSix Word Saturday


Q & ASharing is CaringShowcase SundaysSunday PostSunday ScribblingsSunday StealingUnconscious Mutterings Weekend Writing Warriors

Memes without host pages

Hump Day Wednesday On My WishlistTime Travel TuesdayReCOVERy Friday

Twice  a Month Collection

Book Blogger Confessions

Meme that is done 4 times a year


There is something for everyone.I tried to stick to the bookish type, but I know some are just for fun. I encourage you to check them out.

I still have my problem of what day to post. Help me. Please give some suggestions. I’m thinking Thursday. How’s that sound? Oh, and did miss any Memes that you like? Tell me and I’ll add them to my list.

47 responses to “Blogging–Looking For MEME

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of Memes. I hadn’t heard of some of them, so thanks for sharing! I would think that Thursday is a fine day to post on your blog. The only other day I would suggest is maybe Tuesday.

  2. You missed my own Writerly Wisdom Wednesday – I have others guest post about writing or publishing. 🙂 Just started it this week. It’s nice, because I get to host others, learn from their experiences, and have their faithful followers swing by. Win win!

    Bookaruoo Ju does a FreeView Friday – sharing snippets of our soon-to-be-released books. Sneak peaks. I did this one for Make Believe and I’ll start it up again a month or two before Eye of the Soul releases.

    I’m impressed by your compiled list. I too was looking for memes to do to expand my own blog. Now I have a few to check out!

  3. It’s J.A. Belfield’s own blog where the #FreeviewFriday’s are posted–as in mine. 😛 And I just post up to 10 sentences of upcoming releases to give folk a taste of what’s to come. Haven’t done one in a while, but have one scheduled to go soon, to help promote Caged’s upcoming release.

    Also, for Sundays, is Showcase Sunday (Vicky @ Biscuits, Books & Tea), which I guess is similar to Stacking the Shelves. I’ve also seen one about called Tell me something Tuesday, where there’s a different Q/theme each week for the participating bloggers to answer (I’m unsure who hosts this one). Also on a Tuesday is Teaser Tuesday, where you open up whatever book you’re reading and share a sentence. And I’m pretty certain there’s something like Hump Day something or other for Wednesday, which often involves images of half-nekkid men. 😉

  4. From what I have heard Mondays are good because people are ready to get back into reading on line – also Tuesdays and Thursdays are good posting days – I get my best traffic on those days although id I post a good discussion question on Sunday late afternoons – that drives a lot of traffic too.

  5. Love these memes. Thanks for sharing them. I am doing a May Challenge: Story of My life: Post a Day in May. Posting every day is hard, but I think I can do it because the prompts are short and help me get going. The memes help in the same way. So thanks for these new suggestions.
    On Saturdays, I try to catch up on comments on blogs, so I read a bunch of them.

  6. Thanks for sharing the memes Anne. Going to check out some of them. I’m looking for a few new ones. And thank you for mentioning my Freakin Fridays. It’s all in fun:)
    I think Tuesdays and Thursdays are good days. Tuesdays because everyone may be caught up on their weekend relaxation and have their inbox cleaned out. Thursdays because it’s not too close to the weekend and people will have time to read it before the rush of the weekend begins.

  7. Um, wow! What a list. I’ll be book marking this page for sure. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  8. Reblogged this on fuonlyknew and commented:
    Check out this awesome list. Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. Hi! I have a Thursday meme called Think Out Loud if you would like to add that to the list. It’s pretty fun!

  10. My meme of choice is Save-a-Word Saturday, hosted by The Feather and the Rose.
    (Ignore how the link says “Wednesday”; it’s totally a Saturday tradition.)
    It’s a fun way to learn great new words (and by “new”, I mean so old that most people have forgotten they exist) by searching them out and incorporating them into sentences / paragraphs / mini stories. Highly recommended for all lovers of language!

  11. kimbacaffeinate

    Thanks for the shout-out and for all the info on other memes. You rock my dear!

  12. Oh this is so cool! I will check the list and most likely join the MEME. My blog postings have become a bit scarce. Too much going on right now, and I REALLY want to get back in the swing of things. As always, thanks so much Em. You’re a sweetheart! 🙂

  13. Thanks so much for including my weekly Limerick-Off challenges on your wonderful list. Your list will certainly come in handy! Quite a wonderful selection!

  14. jenniferbielman

    Wow, what a great collection. I might have to check a few out.

    I do all my important posts on Monday through Thursday. They seem to be the best days. But I would suggest Tuesdays.

  15. WOW, there are so many memes out there
    I only participate on Feauture & Follow Friday, it’s fun and easy to post and the questions are always great
    I may join another meme
    Great post

    • It’s the old story of one thing led to another. So I thought I’d share the list I made as I Googled Memes.

      Maybe, you’ll something else will appeal to you too. 🙂

  16. Sundays are usually my worst days… I think Saturday is still a good day to post but the best are the weekdays. If I were to say one day it would have to be Monday. Everyone’s always on, on Mondays (:

  17. Wow, I didn’t know about most of these. I’ll have to check em out. Thanks!

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah With Joy)

  18. I think memes can be fun and a great filler for those days when you can’t post a review. I know I need to do them more.

    I wouldn’t say blogging on the weekend is a waste of time but it is definitely slower on the weekends than during the week.

  19. That’s a great collection, good reference. I’ve done ROW80 and it was awesome but just launched an 80 day cycle. I think Saturday’s are slow but I find Sundays pretty good doing Snippet Sunday (add that one to your list…it’s a Facebook group) married with Weekend Writing Warriors.

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