What is a Beta Reader?

Well, we all know that the Alpha Reader is the writer. I can vouch for that. I’ve read my work over and over again until I can’t tell where the good ends and the bad takes over. At that point when I’ve looked and removed everything I can see, I need a Beta Reader.

The Beta Reader I need is someone to read my work and rip it apart. I want to hear about everything I was too blind to see, The parts that I automatically back filled so that I understand it all, but to anyone else it is unconnected and confusing. I’m looking for plot holes, the typos, the punctuation errors that I just can’t see anymore, have I mentioned repetitiveness, and anything else that makes my writing suck.

So that’s it. A Beta Reader is what I cannot be for myself a 2536559person not afraid to tell me how it is and help me ready my work for submission. I can’t afford to have someone read my work and rave about how wonderful I am. (Don’t get me started on that—everyone loves me.:-)) I want the truth before it is accepted for publication, because once out there the reviewers will do what the beta, and editors did not.

If I disappoint my readers, then I deserve the reviewer’s scorn. And I’ll take it like an author. But  not before I do my best to clean up my work and make it the best I’ve done to date. It is what my readers deserve.

Anyone that thinks they can do that should comment. If a Beta Reader is accepted, understand this is a special place in the writing process. It is a place of trust, and that whatever is read cannot be shared with anyone. Only the writer of the work will hear/read your opinions.

Can you do this? Can you be trusted? If you think so then comment with your contact information. And I’ll consider you for my next writing project. Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for dropping by the blog.

Without you, the blogosphere is a empty and lonely place. 🙂

15 responses to “What is a Beta Reader?

  1. I’m always willing to help when I can! I understand how wonderful beta readers can be!

  2. I am in my writing cave and haven’t got five spare minutes right now, but I wanted to stop by and compliment you on this article. So very well done.

  3. sheryl winters

    Em. Hand raised high. I owe you a million crits.

  4. You know I’m always happy to help, Em. 🙂

  5. Kristen Fairgrieve

    Sign me up! I’m a beta reader and editor/proofreader for a couple of authors right now [I currently get paid with pop tarts but will work for free too], and I absolutely love it.
    Good luck with the writing! Will keep following your progress here 🙂

    • Thanks you’re on the list and i do repay in kind as well. It may be a while before I’m ready and I'[m so looking forward to find out what you think. 🙂

  6. jenniferbielman

    I hope you find the perfect person. I would love to but I have been so busy these days.

  7. Heya Em, Oh beta readers are precious. 🙂 I’m a bit late in stopping by, 😦 but count me in, -if you are still searching for betas. Would love to help, hun. 🙂

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