Dog Don’t Lie, Ha!

Oh they lie. They lie like a rug.

Let me share what happened to me.

My dog, Max, came in the other day and his body language told me that he went for a walk with my father and when he does this he always gets a treat. So I followed the rules and gave him one.

About an hour later, he shows up again. This time I gave him his treat I sensed something wasn’t right. I asked my father if they went for a second walk thinking maybe I was confused or Dad was confused or…

Then it hit me.

Max lied. The dog of my life pretended to go for a walk.

Now, stop thinking what you’re thinking. I know when we train an animal we give them treats, praise their wonderful behavior when the sit or lay down, or stay. But I didn’t ask dalmatian dog cartoonthis dog to come in and try to convince me he just went for a walk. Max came rushing in the room, his tail a wagging and spinning like a copter blade. He jumped around my legs like he hadn’t seen me for a lifetime. Then hit the box with his nose telling me wasn’t keeping my part of the deal.

He just wanted another treat, and played me–his overly trusting friend, and care giver. He lied in my face. I didn’t know dogs could do such a thing and I admit that I see my dog in a different light. He’s beautiful. He’s fun. He’s my best friend and he is much more human than I ever expected.

Has your dog, pet, done anything like this? Pet owners round the world need to know the facts. Tell us about it. 🙂


20 responses to “Dog Don’t Lie, Ha!

  1. It’s funny to think how smart our animals are. My dog tries to trick us and get us to fill his food bowl twice in the morning from time to time. A few times it works, but we are getting smarter. :0)

  2. HA HA HA HA!!!!! You were played.

  3. What a wonderful story. Your dog sounds very much like my cats when it comes to those special treats.

  4. Hahaha 🙂 Your dog is the best…
    Mine always want more food or cries for you to put him on the bed

  5. I have a cat and she lies all the time

  6. This post seriously made me LOL! Dogs although loyal, can be pretty sneaky when they need to be!

  7. That’s funny! Your dog sounds so cute and intelligent!

  8. *giggles* he is just like a kid…I loved this story, thanks for sharing it!

  9. LOL, yup, my dog did that stuff all the time. The rest of my family usually forgot to give our dog a treat when he did something good, so he would come to me, staring and panting. Which meant give me a treat, I deserve one. So I did…until this happened 10-15 times a day, then I knew something was fishy. lol

  10. LOL…this reminds my of my dog. She totally does this as well. And then she has a way of Lifting up one year as if to tell me “Hey, I worked out the end of my deal, now do yours” I adore her. 😀 If only it were possible to get a glimpse of our pets minds, see their POV…

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