ARC and Blog Tour for One More Day

Hey All, I got an email from J Taylor Publishing a few days back and guess what? I have an ARC. I’m very excited about it, even if I do have to share the glory with my co-authors.  (Yes, this is my evil smile. :-D)

ARC — Advance Reading CopyOne More DAy, Time Piece by Anna Simpson

Don’t be jealous because J Taylor has a Review(er)s Program, so you too can get an ARC and a bunch of other bonuses. If you blog and twitter, J Taylor will love you. Here’s the link to the Review(er)s Program if you’d like to signup.

My first review ever

More news. I just read the first review of my work on Goodreads. A very well respected author with J Taylor shared her thoughts about One More Day and I’m so stoked. If you are curious check the link to My First Review–ever.

Blog Tour Sign up

We all know that blog tours promote your favorite writers, spread the word, and drum up followers, so here’s you big chance to get that going. If you’d like me to guest blog or for an interview, don’t be shy. Glad to do it. You’ll see other choices too, so here’s the link to our Blog Tour Sign up.

Any questions? Anything I forgot to mention? I’m up here on cloud nine singing songs. Somebody pinch me. hehehe


8 responses to “ARC and Blog Tour for One More Day

  1. Congrats on the ARC! Thanks for the link. I always wonder about this book whenever I go on your website (:

  2. Congrats on the Review, Em! All the stories Sound really great. Thanks for the link. I drop by and sign up.

  3. I am looking forward to reading this 🙂

  4. WooHoo, you have an ARC. Look at you, all fancy with your book. hehe.

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