National Novel Writing Month Starts November 1st

It’s coming at me so fast this year. So I’ve taken some advice from the many offering it and decided to plot some of the story. I don’t outline every little detail in the book, but it does help to have a direction, and in this case, a prompt to keep me going each day.2013-Participant-Square-Button

My plan is to write 2k a day.

To do that I need thirty prompts to keep me going.

In the real world I won’t be using all of the work I produce. The trick is to keep going forward no matter how much you want to look back at what you’ve done. I’ve followed this advice the first year, and it helped me win.

My mantra is “I’ll fix it later.”

I’ll be honest. I’ve tried to go back and rework what I produced. It’s bad; very, very bad. So I’m hoping with some structure I’ll improve.

Back to what I was saying thirty prompts to write a scene or chapter depending on the word count. That was the plan, until I came across a posting about mind mapping.

This got me thinking a whole new way..

I found an application called FreeMind that lets me mind map on my PC, so I downloaded it. I’ve been building my plot using the app. I don’t need to be organized. All I need are prompts, general chapter goals and putting them in a linear order–for now. As I think of scenes/chapters i need to add, I’ll put them on the map. I can rearrange them, edit them and pull it all together after the story is done.

I’m so excited.

2013-Participant-Vertical-BannerSay I want to expand a scene. Add a note to the mind map, highlight it, and don’t look back. Remember my mantra. It is a free app that has freed me up to be creative with some very flexible structure. I plan to keep each day as a separate document copying and pasting into a master for the word count at I’m not sure if I’ve made a break through or snapped completely.

What I will tell you is how it goes once the marathon of writing is done. Look for that post at the end of Dec.

Until then, any suggestions you’d like to share are welcome. I’ll try to keep you in loop as much as possible.


15 responses to “National Novel Writing Month Starts November 1st

  1. Brilliant post this morning. I am certainly checking out the app. Thank you and good luck Anna. :o)

  2. Another great post! I have now decided to participate in Novel Writing month, so I will join you this month, along with another fellow author and colleague. We are planning a ‘write-in’ at some stage during the month as well. Good luck for November! I will check out the app. Karen

  3. The app sounds fantastic, Em. Best of luck with NaNoWriMo!!

  4. Woot! Hope to see you there, Em! 🙂 I’m determined to finish this year. 🙂 The word prompt idea is fantastic! I’ think I’ll borrow that idea. 🙂 This is the software I’m’s online and free See you there!

  5. good luck with your writing, I hope you meet your goals but more importantly, I hope you have fun while doing it. 😉

  6. Good luck, we will be cheering you from the sidelines. I like the write now edit later idea..keep the flow going 🙂

  7. Good luck. I couldn’t do NaNo this year because of school but I will still write each day like I always do.

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