Haikus for Charity–I Did My Share

I found a post I couldn’t resist, “Holiday Haikus for Hunger“. The gist is that for every haiku tweet Random House would donate a 1$ to City Harvest. I don’t have tons of money but what I do have is a great imagination.

So here are my haikus:

snowflake rides the night
caught falling in streetlamp light
Santa’s on his flight

hushed by falling snow
white against black moonlight glows
highway’s black ribbon

newborn wrapped up tight
sleeps in beams of bright starlight
a halo crowns him

gold stars, silver snow
warm lights round cedar bow
stockings hang waiting

bells ring voices sing
baritone, and tenor too
caroling along

can’t buy happiness
one less toy for girl or boy
spent on hungry souls

sky wide, blue and cold
shadows grow between scrapers
the hungry survive

crunching under foot
cold nipping, and nose dripping
coffee ‘tween my hands

raised on Christmas smiles
memories bombarding me
naught but empty rooms

pudgy fingers grab
little legs kick over barricade
can’t quite reach the gifts

hot roasted turkey
crowded round by joyous shouts
later comes the yawns

Good or bad there they are. Now I’m not the only one that went for it. Random House said they would do it from December 12 through 31, but it only took a few days to hit $2,000.

I’m not a master, but here’s how I did mine:

1) It must be capturing a moment in the now—use present tense.

2) No capital letters unless you feel they make a point.

3) Lines of 5/7/5 syllables.

4) The first two lines can be read as one. The last two lines can be read as one. So when you read through a haiku, lines 1-2 say something, then 2-3 may say something completely different or add depth to the first statement.

My example:

snowflake rides the night
caught falling in streetlamp light
Santa’s on his flight

Lines 1 & 2 obviously describe a snowflake falling at night and caught in a streetlamp light.

snowflake rides the night
caught falling in streetlamp light

Lines 2 & 3 describes Santa caught in streetlamp light landing on a roof, hopefully adding the a snowy image of Christmas Eve.

caught falling in streetlamp light
Santa’s on his flight

My final thoughts:

I love simple things and the haiku and line art share this concept. Beautiful expressed in simplicity.

What can be expressed in a few lines of ink—an image, a feeling, a lineart cat, cat image, black and white cat, emaginette's post, image, picturemoment.

But the artist needs skill and a vision of what the end result should be. It isn’t easy, the focus must be steady. A wrong move and artist has to start again.

What do you think? Could you do a haiku for charity? Keep your eyes open next year. I hope more publishers jump on this worthy bandwagon.

Best of the season.


6 responses to “Haikus for Charity–I Did My Share

  1. Me too Anna, and as I said before, I bow to your awesomely crafted Haiku skills and poems. Hugs. E

  2. Totally impressed. 🙂

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