Top Ten Tuesday 1

Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme. To participate I add my name to the Linky Widget  and link back to The Broke and the Bookish, so that all my visitors may enjoy other Top Ten Posts!

Long ago I had a marine aquarium and I loved it. So many colors, so many busy, busy little beasties doing their thing. Although the tanks are more complicated today, I still hope to have another one day, and until then I build imaginary tanks.

Top Ten Things in my Imaginary Marine Aquarium:

1. Yellow Tang — An aquarium is a very visual, so adding some sunshine to yellow-hawaii-tangmy underwater world is just the thing. Yellow Tangs are vegetarian, brilliant yellow fish that don’t cause trouble. They get along with everyone and are my number one favorite fish of all times.

2. Ocellaris Clownfish — I think ‘symbiotic’ when I think of clownfish. They are very colorful, but it is their relationship with anemones that I find fascinating. Because they like to hide inside the anemone’s tentacles, they never venture far and tend to be nonaggressive. 

3. Half Black Angelfish — I came across this fish when doing some research. I half-black-angellike the look of it, but I don’t know enough about it to have it in a real tank. One aggressive inhabitant can bring down a tank in days.

4. Rose Bulb Anemone — I chose this one because clownfish can partner up with them and I liked the color. This anemone has stingers, and can move, so it may or may not get along with the other stationary creatures in my imaginary tank.

5. Feather Dusters — I love these guys. They sway like palm trees in a summer breeze. I’d have five or six of them bunched together like a mini forest. Because they are filter feeders and cowards, disappearing into their tubes when disturbed, they will get along with all their neighbors.

6. Scarlet Skunk Cleaner Shrimp — I saw these little guys in action. They really clean the other fish in the tank. All the fish has to do is  swim up and float, and let the shrimp tidy them up.

7. Electric Flame Scallop —  they look so mild mannered and well behaved. When lg-79180-scallopopen they have tentacles that reach out and filter feed and remind me of a anemone.  When excited they shoot across the tank is if powered by a jet engine.

8. Mushroom Corals — Now from here I have no experience. All I’ve done is some reading and dreaming. The new thing (could be an old thing by now) is to have lg-84237-mushroomlive corals in marine aquariums. I chose easy care soft coral, but would still talk to someone before adding anything like this to a real tank. They are expensive, but if cared for correctly will never need to be replaced.

9. Montipora Coral — is a hard coral that also is easier care. Everything I stated in number eight applies here as well.

10. Live sand — I’d be looking for one that has a neutral color, maybe crushed shell and coral. Again same thing that went for number eight and nine applies here. I have no experience with it.

That’s my list. In my imaginary tank everyone gets along and has a wonderful time. I pulled all my pics from marine supply sites and linked to them if you want to learn more. Enjoy.


20 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday 1

  1. my hubby has a 150-gallon salt water tank. We have a sailfin tang, 3 pj cardinals, some sort of wrasse that is gorgeous and this little purple fish. Can’t seem to keep mushrooms and corals alive. I wish he’d go for a smaller tank but he likes this monstrosity of a tank with not much color. It is quite an expensive hobby. I hope you find a way back to getting a tank again. I love the yellow and pacific blue tangs

  2. I used to have numerous fish tanks, loving to watch them just swimming around. Beautiful and peaceful. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the sound of the scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp. Makes me giggle. Aquariums are beautiful. I agree, so colorful and playful. I am imagining getting lost in their swimming movement and flashes of color. Sigh. Wonderful post, my friend.

  4. My best friend had a salt water tank for quite a few years with sea horses and all sorts of life and it was so..magical. Super hard to maintain but so worth it. When she started having kids she ended up selling it since she just didn’t have the time she use to.

    Our dentists office has not one but three and they are so fun. each time we go in there is always something new to see.

  5. Ooo I would love this tank, my grandfather had a wall size tank of fish in his basement with backlighting. It was at least 8 ft long and 4 ft tall. There was a storage area behind the finished room and I remember climbing a ladder to feed them.

  6. Oh good idea for a Top Ten Tuesday! I like that you put your own spin on it. I’m not an aquarium type person. I haven’t had good experiences before with fishes and aquariums but I like your variety in fish. The Electric Flame Scallop looks awesome (:

  7. Well, this is fun and a half. I loved reading all the descriptions of all these things that are new to me. We have a qoi pond outside. That is the extent of my fish knowledge.

  8. My hubby is mad about his aquarium. His fish are currently imaginary though 😉

  9. I so want an aquarium. 😀 Imagine sitting there, staring at all the pretty fish swimming while solving plot problems! okay other than that, it has this feeling..tranquility. 🙂 And I’d definitely have a Yellow Tang in mine.. Great top ten, Em!

  10. For a long time I’ve wanted to put together a Finding Nemo aquarium 🙂

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)

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