Happy Valentine’s Day from Julie Reece

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I really wanted to be part of the Fire and Ice Blog Hop with Ali @ My Guilty Obsession and lucky for me I have several romance writers in my life. For the next few days let’s tap their source of inspiration, and read their reflections on Valentine’s Day.


Please welcome Julie Reece, author of Crux:

Someone close to me just celebrated sixty years of marriage. Sixty! That really got me thinking. Every single romance I’ve written starts with a girl and boy somewhere between headshot Julie Rsixteen and twenty. The young adult books I read do the same. It’s about beginnings. How a couple meets, what obstacles keep them apart, and how they have to fight, and eventually, (hopefully) overcome, to be together. << Here’s where I tend to exhale, don’t you? : )

So going back to that couple in their eighties who’ve been married sixty years … This Valentine’s Day they will sit on their sofa. Together. Holding hands, watching the sun set outside the big picture window in their living room next to the fireplace while the snow falls. I can see them in my mind. Her head rests on his shoulder, the same shoulder that has carried her burdens for more years than I’ve been alive. His fingers rub her wedding ring. Cradle the hands that have washed his clothes, prepared his food, and cared for his children.

The pair don’t’ speak. There’s no need. Everything has already been said. Two hearts adjusted to beating so completely in sync one can no longer survive without the other.

Years from now, that’s the end I envision for all my heroes and heroines. No ‘happily for now’, for my peeps. More importantly, it’s the one I hope for myself. In the end, it’s not about the roses, or candy, or diamonds. It’s about the sacrifice, and commitment, and the not giving up—even when it’s hard.

I wish that for all of you, too. The whole enchilada, Prince Charming on a white horse, the happily ever after until death do us part … I believe.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

I wish you love.


Julie’s list of works:

Tidal Whispers | Crux

Julie’s contact info:

Website | Facebook | Twitter


12 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day from Julie Reece

  1. Beautiful, Julie. If only everyone could find this type of love. How lovely the world would be.

  2. She really can capture a moment. 🙂

  3. Lovely post, we are celebrating twenty-six years and hope to be that couple.

  4. I really liked this “The pair don’t’ speak. There’s no need. Everything has already been said. Two hearts adjusted to beating so completely in sync one can no longer survive without the other.”

  5. I have ALWAYS wanted to read Cruz but never got to it. I really need to.

  6. That gives all of us hope. I’ve been married twice and never made it past 6 years. Maybe someday I’ll find it but not too worried. I have an awesome son who gives me joy and my close knit family:)

  7. I am lucky to have scored on my second marriage, 16+ years. You don’t always have to talk to be heard. Sometimes we just look at each other and laugh. I am not a touchy, feely, lovey-dovey kind of person, but we do just fine. ^_^ Til death do us part!

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