Got another Gig

I Googled, “calls for submission” a while back, and found this little gem. I do like a good fantasy, and I was in the mood for dragons. So . . . I submitted to Roane Publishing Special Call–Portals.

bookcover portalsThey gave me a picture to tempt me, to tease a story out of me.

I couldn’t resist.

The best news is I’ve gotten another piece accepted to be published. Now last time I was very shy about it. Freakingly so. But this time I’m letting myself go, and not holding back at all.

Every time I try to share I start jumping in my chair. 🙂

I asked myself what if all the magic from fairy tales came from one place, from dragons and the only way to get the magic back was through a portal. What would a king do for his kingdom? Who would he send to an unknown land? In my story he sends Mexmur, the huntress. The story just poured out of me so fast I kept stopping myself and rereading bits and pieces. In the end I couldn’t help but feel pleased.

With the idea captured, I needed feedback. Lucky for me a good friend was there to help with a quick beta read. We all know Erika from Cloud Nine Girl. Thanks, Erika. You’re the best. 🙂

After Erika’s okay, off it went. I can tell you while I waited my  heart stopped beating. I know! I thought I was going to die, so freaked–oh, I’ve said that.

Anyway Roane Publishing is taking a chance on me.

I’ll keep you posted as things unfold. Excuse me, but I have to happy dance in private–no art butterfly flowerspoint in embarrassing myself further with another crazy public display.

One more thing. Roane is still looking to fill a spot or two. If you like to write fantasy and can imagine a story through a portal, please submit here. I’d love to have you there with me. That way we can both jump around like fools.

Can I have a whoot–whoot. 🙂

Thank you . . . thank you very much *me using an Elvis voice.*


29 responses to “Got another Gig

  1. Awesomeness!!! You go girl!! So happy for you.

  2. Oh, by the way…LOVE that cover.

  3. sherry fundin

    Awesome cover and fantastic news. Congratulations!!!

  4. Awesome news Anna! And thank you for the shout out. I look forward to read the finished work. 🙂

  5. Congrats Anna! Sounds like a fascinating read! 😀

  6. How very exciting, Anna. I’m terribly pleased for you.

  7. Congrats, Em!! 😀 I’m so happy for you. And Dragons, I love me some dragons!! 🙂

  8. I am so excited for you, that is just awesome! Congratulations!!

  9. should be dancing! So darn happy for you my dear!

  10. jenniferbielman

    OMG, that’s so amazing. Congrats!

  11. Congratulations! That’s really great news!!!

  12. Congrats!! That’s so awesome!

  13. Love the cover. Love the blog but I know i’ll love the story inside it better!

  14. Congratulations! I like that you are doing another anthology. Good luck with the new publishing agency (:

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