Top Ten Tuesday 2


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Top Ten Imaginary Pets

Now before I begin, these pets are not domesticated, and in some cases, completely imaginary, so please keep that in mind. In this happy place the best zoologist available would care for them and keep them in environments that make everyone very happy, especially the animals.

All pics are linked back to, please, click the pic to learn more. koala

Koalas–If I had my way all teddy bears would be replaced with koala bears. These little beasties are made to hug and to me that says it all. Look at those faces.

Penguins–I’m attracted by the unusual and the penguin is very unusual, a bird that flies in water. It makes me want to dive in a play too. And I would but the water is way too cold for this wimp.

Rhinos–its one of those faces that only a mother can love. I decided long ago that somebody had to love them, I think I was in grade three, and since then they have always been my most favorite animal in the world.

Racoons–are natural entertainers. I used to have one that would travel the greenbelt behind my house. Not the quietest beast I’ve ever caught sneaking though, orΒ  the shyest, but they do look like bandits and crack me up every time we see one.

Dragons–if its in a story, movie, or TV show, I’ve been there. I love them with all my heart and will continue to do so long after I’m gone. To me they are wise, old and hiding somewhere on Earth. I do believe, I do.

Thestrals–the best thing about them is they are invisible. How many animals that we know of can do something like that; I’m not talking camouflage here. Extra bonus is they have GPS in their heads, so I could go anywhere they can fly.Β  Don’t worry I know they’d want to be in a herd and would gladly keep a happy family of them on my imaginary homestead.

Hummingbirds–I’d have a hummingbird house with all their favorite foods. It would be like a domed garden where the hummingbirds would live wild and I could sit on a bench an watch their coming and goings. I think it would be so much fun.

Owls–totally influenced by Harry Potter, I’d want a owl to take care of all invitations. I’d love to see a child’s face having a bit of parchment dropped on their head, realizing the message is for them, and being invited to tea. What fun for both of us.panda

Pandas–What’s black and white and fun all over. A panda. If I couldn’t use koalas for teddy bear replacements I use a panda for sure. They look so fluffy and loveable.

Buttercup fairies–I doubt I can pull this off. They are sentient beings after all and wouldn’t like to be thought of as captured. So I’d have to supply them with a very happy fairy habitat that they couldn’t resist.

Thanks for joining me. What do you think you might have in you imaginary pet world? Tell me, I’d love to read about it. πŸ™‚


16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday 2

  1. I adore Penguins and my daughter has wanted a Hippopotamus for Christmas since she first heard the song!

  2. Reblogged this on harrygrotman and commented:
    Nice article

  3. jenniferbielman

    I want an owl and a dragon. A dragon because it’s badass, and an owl because I am owl obsessed. I even had owl hats!

  4. Oh, gosh, which would I choose. I like them all!! Can I have them all?

  5. oooh Dragons. I’m a fan, πŸ˜€ I can imagine trying to domesticate Koalas as so cute!!

  6. Awesome list! I’d love to have a dragon for a pet, as think of all the adventures we could have together! And totally agree that teddy bears should be replaced with koalas and pandas. So cute!

  7. I would have a dragon, a mermaid and a unicorn, among many more. ^_^

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