Purr-fect Mating Cover Reveal


bookcover purrfectmatingoOo

Purr-fect Mating
Lil Genie Series Novella
Paranormal / Romance
By Sheryl Winters
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Release Date: July 21, 2014



Fhina and Wulfar have a little problem.

On their wedding night, at the stroke of midnight, Wulfar changes into his shifted wolf form and cannot shift back. Not even to communicate with the woman he loves.

Fhina upon waking the day after their mating, no longer recognizes her mate. Pregnant and confused, she’s convinced herself that her mate has run away and left her to live alone. With his dog.

Can they find a countercharm before Fhina gives birth? Will Wulfar be able to curb his inclination to run?

Or will their mutual curses break their love before it’s really even started.


About Sheryl Winters:

I’ve never set out to be an author. Only a story teller. Some days I succeed better than others.

Contact Links:

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter


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13 responses to “Purr-fect Mating Cover Reveal

  1. Reminds me a bit of Ladyhawk which is my all time favorite movie. I can’t wait to read this. The cover is hauntingly beautiful. Well chosen:)

  2. I could see Michelle Pfeiffer but I think a young Dennis Quaid might fit Wulfar better. You remember Dennis Quaid from his young sexy era yes?

  3. Wow that is a really busy cover! The premise sounds really interesting though 🙂

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

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