The Stitch Project

I’m happy to say that I eventually got my floss, but the story isn’t over yet. If you’ve not read about my cross-stitch project click here. This is turning out to be a saga of Viking proportions. I may say this with a smile, but I know I’m being tested.

A while back I checked to see why my floss had not arrived. There must be a reason. After what I paid for delivery my package should have been in my hand within two-four days. Two weeks later I’m going over my order form, and there it is like a giant wart on what could have been a beautiful face. I used the shift key when entering the digit of my box number so there was a hash mark (#) instead of the number three. My typing skills are great, as long as I’m on a computer and can use the backspace button freely.

I know this and yet I still don’t proof everything I type.

Whoa, now what am I going to do? The floss should have been at my local post office last time I visited, but wasn’tβ€”hence all the whining. Breaking out in a cold sweat, wondering if I’m ever going to get this masterpiece finished, I rushed down to my local post office ready to beg for help.

In a small town there are things I’ve learned to live with. For example, I’ve returned post that was put in my box in error. As I’m standing there waiting my turn, this very thought occurs to me. If it landed in the right box with the wrong name, would the owner of the box return the floss unopened, saying it was some kind of mistake.

When my turns comes, I sound more like an insane woman than a customer in need. Thank you Grand Forks Post Office representative for sticking to your guns, getting the story and making sense of it all. She finally asked me to write a note saying where the package was coming from and what address I accidentally put on it. She also reassured me that she knew the owner of that particular box, so there was no need to worry. Like me, the owner was very honest.

Customer service is not dead. And I have a rep to prove it.

Weeks go by and I’m starting to lose my faith, but I shouldn’t have. I found the packet in my post office box with the note in my handwriting taped to it. Yes, I did do a happy dance. Yes, I raised the packet skyward and thanked the big guy for making such nice people in the world.

Sadly I’ve done nothing with my project since. I’ve lost my motivation to stitch, but I feel it rising again now that I’m written this post. Excitement is in the air and it feels good. I Promise a picture will soon follow. πŸ™‚


20 responses to “The Stitch Project

  1. Yay…ain’t it great to live in a small town? Personal service and usually with a smile. Our P.O folks are very helpful here too. Now get busy. I want to see the finished product!!

  2. sherry fundin

    I do love to read these posts that you do. It’s fun to get a glimpse into others lives. Happy stitching, whenever you decide to pick up the needle again. ^_^

  3. Well done! I recently bought something online in a hurry for my mum’s birthday. Because I am in England and she is in south africa, I knew I needed a bit of extra time and in my hurry went for the one that promised royal mail first class delivery (which should have been a few days) but when 2 weeks passed along with my mum’s birthday, I went back to check only to notice the sent location was china! Ah, the joys of online shopping! Now get to work on that project, I’m dying to se the end product πŸ™‚

  4. Oog. I know the feeling of waiting for something that’s supposed to be delivered but hasn’t arrived yet. O_o Glad that you got what you ordered, though, and huzzah for good customer service! Hope you feel like working on it soon.

  5. I’ll start mine if you do yours! LOL

  6. Sounds like you have very honest people in your town. I like that! I’ll keep my fingers for your motivation. Maybe someone at the post office borrowed it and it too will return before you expect it?

  7. Life in a small town! Glad you finally got your thread!

  8. jenniferbielman

    I hate mailing problems. My local post office was stealing my packages and I had video evidence and paper evidence to prove it. When I showed it to the manager, he laughed and said they were part of the government and I couldn’t do crap. I went higher up and no one would help me. Now I rent a box at UPS. Haven’t ‘lost’ a package since.

    Happy your stuff worked out though.

  9. I’m glad you finally got your package.
    A while ago a worng number send a book to Barbados instead of my house in Uruguay :p
    Anyway, I want to see the final product so get to work πŸ™‚

  10. So glad that your package finally showed up! Thank goodness for honest people! Now get busy as we all want to see that finished masterpiece! πŸ™‚

    Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…

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