Midnight Dawn by Jocelyn Adams

“Midnight Dawn straps you in from the beginning and whisks you away on an emotional, breath-taking ride of romance, fantasy, and good vs. evil. It’s magic.” –Naima Simone, author of the SECRETS AND SINS series


MD_CoverMidnight Dawn (The Mortal Machine #2)

Release Date: August 4th, 2014

Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Embrace Imprint

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Back of the book:

Her soul remembers his touch, even if she doesn’t. 

With only three days until the wraith king turns the earth into an all-you-can-eat buffet, Addison Beckett is forced to enlist brooding sentinel Asher Green’s help to unlock the Mortal Machine. According to the founder, all she has to do is find the sanctuary—the same sanctuary she can’t remember because Asher erased her memories.

Trying to save humanity while navigating Asher’s lies is a royal pain. But the more time she and Asher spend together, the harder her soul tries to remind her what else he’s made her forget—that he loves her, wants her, needs her.

When she’s trapped by the wraith king and forced to pick who will stand by her in the coming battle, Addison is faced with an impossible choice: the sentinel she loves who refuses to love her back, or a powerful stranger who insists they’re meant to be together. Her decision will determine the fate of humanity, and once decided, can’t be undone.


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About Jocelyn Adams:

Jocelyn is an office grunt by day and creator of romance and adventure by night. Born a farmer’s daughter with a vivid imagination, she spent her childhood dreaming JoceAdamsheadshotsmup stories.

With no formal training, she relied on the honest feedback of her writing group to take her from that first short story all the way to THE END of her first novel. She now has five published


Blowing out a shaky breath, I started forward. Remy sat at the bar in his tailored black suit. He gave me a subtle grin as I walked by him. Did I look that ridiculous with my espresso hair in loose waves around my shoulders, instead of in its usual braid? At least I didn’t fall on my face before I made it to the bar. Yay me.

The lawyer sat on one of the black leather stools pinching a martini glass in his fingers, wearing a pin-striped suit that must have cost a gazillion dollars. Everything about him screamed wealth and extravagance. And crazy, definitely lots of crazy.

The guy had light brown hair coiffed to GQ perfection and a flashy watch just barely visible beneath the sharp cuff of his mauve dress shirt. Straight men wore mauve, right? If he didn’t like women, we were totally screwed, since Remy would probably make the devil pee himself on sight, and I didn’t imagine Asher would suck up his dignity and make a pass at the guy. Then again, Mr. GQ seemed to be as refined and well-pressed as my sensei, so maybe Asher would like him better than me.

AsherPoster1Grabbing fistfuls of my skirt, I hiked my butt onto the stool beside the suit. And almost slid off the other side, because the silk might as well have been a coating of grease on my ass. Yeah, real graceful, Addy. Nice job. Jesus.

“Whoa, careful there.” The lawyer grabbed my arm before I ended up in his lap. His touch turned my guts into a Siberian winter, and the wraith inside him hadn’t even surfaced to take control. Wraiths needed to absorb some of the host body’s soul-energy before they had the power to climb into the driver’s seat. Even the highest class of wraiths we knew of needed at least a day inside the body before they could control a person, so we should have been safe for another ten hours or so, but I felt a million miles from safe at the moment.

I had an insane urge to claw out my own lungs. What the hell was this thing? Did it really come for me? What for? Head in the game, idiot! “Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” I mumbled, fighting the urge to jerk my arm out of his grasp. As an afterthought, I added, “That martini must have gone to my head…I mean, those martinis. Because I totally drank more than one if I’m drunk, right?” I giggled and righted myself on the stool. Good grief, could I be any worse at this? I could almost feel Asher rolling his eyes. Well, screw him. I so had this.

12 responses to “Midnight Dawn by Jocelyn Adams

  1. Thanks for the introduction. I love hearing about authors that are new to me. And five published books. That’s awesome!

  2. jenniferbielman

    The excerpt sure got me excited.

  3. All you can eat buffet. That’s hilarious.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  4. Hello Anna, sorry I haven’t been M.I.A
    I loved the first book in the series so I’m totally in for the second one. (I loved Asher)
    You are friends with the author, don’t you?? How cool is that
    love Ruty@Reading…Dreaming

  5. You are a peach! Thanks so much for sharing the Asher love, my fellow pen sister. 🙂 Hugs!

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