Top Ten #3


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Top Ten Inspirational Writing Locales

1.  By any  window in the Okanagan/Boundary Country — I live in a postcard. Every season, every time of day is breath taking. It feels so good to pause and take in the eye candy, not for long, just to take a breath, letting the ideas come.

2.  Inside a busy coffee shop — Okay this may not be as beautiful as #1, but I love all the action going on. A great place to tap into human nature. I’m almost always happily surprised with the results. Sometimes I even get some writing done.

3.  Parks/Playgrounds — The fresh air is therapeutic anytime, and my heart is lightened when I hear a child laugh. I focus on the words when it’s quiet, and capture the little moments when it’s not.

4.  A lookout over a valley –– It sounds crazy and it might be, but there is something to be said about being up high and looking down on a community puttering away. It’s one scribbling-152216of the times I try to capture the weather.

5.  In a tree house — Ever notice how people rarely look up. Birds sing, voices pass by and all the while I write away in complete privacy.

6.  Library — Our library is very small, but it does have a couple of soft chairs for reading. Here I plop my laptop down on my knees and away I go. The biggest attraction is  how easy-peasy it is to get a librarian to help with research.They know everything.

7.  Art gallery — I’m all about mood. It gets the juices flowing to take in all forms of art — paintings, sculpture, etc. I find something new every time.

8.  On a beach in winter or late fall — I used to live by the Pacific Ocean, then Okanagan Lake. Water laps away, birds call out, and little else happens. You have to sit on a thick blanket, but in the right mood its awesome.

9.  Office — I’m sure you knew I’d eventually come to the office, back to the window, plucking away at the computer keys. Well, it can be good too. If I have internet access, I might spend a little too much time online though.

10.  I let you pick this one... put it in the comments. I do my best to check them out too.



30 responses to “Top Ten #3

  1. I love this list, Anna. My father always says, ‘there’s nothing as wonderful as the sound of a child’s laughter.’ I agree wholeheartedly. As I’m about three hours away from school finishing for summer and await the thunderous return of my children, I’d put ‘Solitude’ at number ten! Integral to the writing process, for me, anyway! 🙂

  2. The breakfast table. After everybody has left, but I have a wordworm in my mind – a phrase that must be explored. Even though it is the antithesis of how i normally like to write, it also rresents when my passin for words defies the logic by which I run my daily life.

  3. Oh man, so many typos in that comment. Sorry. (Supposed to be represents my passion, btw)….

  4. Great list! My library is small too, and I love sitting amongst all the books and writing.

  5. I love to people watch so I totally get why you love coffee shops!

  6. I like the way you think, Anna. I especially like the lookout over a valley. Yum.

  7. An inspiring list. I spent a week on the Notre Dame library researching and reading while my daughter went to a science camp on the campus. It remains one of my wonderful life experiences.

  8. Wonderful list..I can read anywhere but love a cozy setting with a cup of coffee and my favorite blanket.

  9. You have a lot of great options. My favorite place to write is on the couch in the family room. While not picturesque, I can easily block the noises from the family moving around and even the TV and fall into the zone. When I’m at a coffee house or library I find myself observing those around me almost as much as I’m writing.

  10. You’ve picked some pretty interesting spots – I really like the tree house idea. That’s the most unexpected peaceful writing spot I think there is. Lucky you, you live in such a breathtaking place that you associate it with a postcard.
    You’ve pretty much got everything covered. Maybe a hotel on vacation? Or any new location that you aren’t used to where it’s quiet. Whenever I live my home and travel (rarely) I always feel completely different and calm.

  11. For #10, I choose in bed. Much of my inspiration comes just as I’m falling asleep. Since my cell is always on the bedside table, I end up texting myself ideas and brief plot outlines so I don’t forget by morning. I can’t work anywhere it’s noisy. The quiet of night sparks my imagination.

    VR Barkowski

  12. I am all about the beach but I would like to try the art gallery.

  13. I love the beach, but even looking out my window and watching the birds in the back yard and the wind making ripples in the pool is fantastic to me. Super list!!!

  14. i like the overlooking a valley option. I’d say on the bus, but usually those are just random parts of the story that come to me when I’m in transit.

  15. I like every place you picked. My fav is by the beach. I love to read while listening to the sea.
    Right now I’m reading on a bench under a tree in my backyard.

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