Brainstorming: Having Faith in your Choice

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It’s funny how letting your mind roam can create so wacky or scary writing ideas. Sometimes the first instinct is to back away and drop it. The story is traveling into the crow-45972_1280realm of another genre, or way beyond your comfort zone or where it may make you blush and you’d never want anyone to know you wrote it never mind thought it.

Well, here’s some news you might already know. No one will know what you’ve written unless you show them. So I say go for it and let it loose. It might be the best writing you ever do and no one wants to miss that.

Think of these great words:

 “Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. And live like it’s heaven on Earth.”

– Mark Twain

 I’d also like to add:

“Write as if no one will read it.”

 – Unknown

Holding back or stopping because it isn’t what you normally write is the biggest mistake a creative person can make. Sure we may be afraid of where it might go. Writing is about self discovering. It’s about digging out pieces of gold and dazzling yourself later when you read your words and are marveled that they are not just insightful, beautiful, wondrous, but they are your words.candle-153251_1280

So as you brainstorm, remember you are searching for a great story. And it’s inside you. Don’t let yourself down. Don’t give yourself a reason to stop before typing. Because it’s in you. The amazing thing is the next one is too.

Any inspiring words you’d like to share? I think today we’d all love to read them. 🙂

31 responses to “Brainstorming: Having Faith in your Choice

  1. It’s both scary and exhilarating when you let yourself go on the page, and you end up with something that makes you sit up and take notice. Love when that happens! 🙂

  2. I agree with one caviat: Treat your reader to your opinions and thoughts as though they were a trusted, respected listener. I turn off when I’m lectured, but I perk up when I’m informed.

  3. Always go where your writing/story takes you. You may be surprised at how dark the subject is becoming or not know much about the genre that your story is suddenly deciding to turn into, but it’ll be a neat experience and definitely worthwhile.

  4. Agent/blogger Carly Watters posted a few days ago that writers sometimes waste their writing time by ‘writing with one over their shoulder.’ Fear and doubt of going too deep Or offending readers holds us back. On occasion, I do the same but now my mantra is to dive, dive, dive into the murky waters. Drill and let the creativity spill.

  5. I like that. “Write like no one is going to read it.” That’s a good way to open myself up to whatever flies through the brain, through the fingertips, and onto the keyboard.

  6. Great post! I completely agree. So many people second guess themselves out of finishing a story, or even starting one.

    I don’t know if this is inspiring, but when I was writing The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave, it got much, much darker than I’d expected. I was afraid Samhain wouldn’t publish it, but I forced myself to keep writing and see where the story took me. In the end, I kept it the way it was, sent it in, and ended up winning their anthology competition. I’m so glad I stayed true to the story and refused to listen to my doubts.

  7. Eye opening. I had no idea other writers went thru these feelings too. My WIP has been one of putting on the brakes and not going where I felt uncomfortable. That’s why it has been so difficult to get thru it. Thanks for choosing this topic!

  8. Excellent advice! And you’re right, no one will know what we’ve written unless we show them so why not take a chance?

  9. Some inspiring advice here. I really needed that. It’s been hard to write in this heat, but this might just get me going again.

  10. Wonderful suggestions 🙂

  11. Great subject for a post, Anna! I love brainstorming, that’s how I get all my ideas. 🙂 I have to borrow that quote re writing like no one’s watching! Genius

  12. jenniferbielman

    Mark Twain is like a quote god. 🙂

  13. “Write as if no one will read it.” That was my motto for the first couple of years of writing. I didn’t even tell anyone I was writing, so there was no pressure. I just enjoyed the writing. Eventually, though, I had to “write as if others would see it” because it was the only way to force myself to learn and improve my writing.

  14. In my latest WIP, I have taken several unexpected turns in my story that were very exciting. I had some doubts about the plot of the second half of the story when I started writing the draft, but as you said, I should have had faith that my process would show me the way. I’m still shaky on how to handle the climax … but I guess I’ll just believe in my ability to figure it out as I go … and keep writing blindly forward!

  15. My favorite quote about writing has long been, write like no one is reading. I never think of readers. That may be because in the back of my mind, I don’t really believe there will ever be readers, but that’s a topic for IWSG. 🙂

    Stephen King said “Fiction is a lie. The good fiction is the truth inside the lie.” Every writer approaches their work differently. For me, writing is a quest to find the the truth inside the lie, and I am constantly surprised where the journey takes me.

    VR Barkowski

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