There Be Fires – The StickPin Fire To Be Exact

Since Tuesday, August 11, 2015 there’s been one fire that has my complete attention. The blaze is call the Stickpin wildfire. Not long ago it and three others came together as the Kettle Complex and has consumed 59,321 acres. It’s only 15% contained and that’s with 800 firefighters on the job.

For more facts click here, or with BC Wildfire Service (use postal code: stickpin from krem2V0H1H0)

Stickpin was to the south-east of Grand Forks, and up the highway to the west was another wildfire outside Rock Creek. This one took out thirty homes and 15 out buildings, closing the road for a week. The Grand Forks district was on evacuation alert and I went into a state of complete denial, breaking free long enough to read the news on the links above occasionally. Why denial? Take a look at the ways out of town and image everyone on one of them at the same time. *sigh*

Luckily we didn’t  have to go anywhere.

There is no longer a evacuation alert, and the men and women that were on the ready in and around Grand Forks have joined the fight in the states. Whatever they are doing to keep the northern portion of the fire under control has made smoke enough to fill our valley. I’m not complaining. I’m not. 🙂

My story is kind of boring, but for others facing wildfires not so much. If you know anyone that has had to leave their home, or is on evacuation alert send them positive thoughts because if the fire doesn’t get their homes looters might.

2015 Aug 26th Addition: The wind has changed and well, I don’t know what is going to happen next…


26 responses to “There Be Fires – The StickPin Fire To Be Exact

  1. Sorry for the near scare. If only the system that was hitting Texas with heavy rain could move up and help put out those fires. And the looters…I still don’t get it. Who does that? Although I just got a possible story idea about them. Anyways, sending positive thoughts your way and to others facing wildfires.

  2. That is scary, I lost my home once to flood, but fire seems far more terrifying. Prayers going out,. Juneta Writer’s Gambit

  3. I haven’t heard if these are arson or natural? Do you know?

  4. I cannot imagine the feeling of helplessness of those having to watch everything they own go up in flames. 😦
    sherry @ fundinmental

  5. The fires this year have been horrible all along the West Coast from BC down to Southern California. So glad you didn’t have to evacuate. The smoke must be awful. I suppose it’s an excuse to stay indoors to write, but that’s hardly adequate compensation.

    My heart goes out to all who are suffering.

    VR Barkowski

  6. I hate fires. I’ve encountered too many and have had too many close calls. Seeing these fires makes me sad.

  7. How terrible! I can’t imagine losing everything to a fire. I’m glad you didn’t have to evacuate. We’ve had tons of rain all summer. I wish I could send you some. My thoughts are with you and all those in the fire zone.

  8. Wow, that’s so frightening. Thank goodness you guys are safe!

  9. How terrifying! I am glad your home is safe, but I feel horrible for all the people who lost theirs. When I was a small child, my grandfather’s mushroom house caught fire and burned to the ground. (He was a mushroom grower. A mushroom house is a building constructed for the growing of mushrooms.) My parents held me up to the front window to watch the flames from a safe distance. I am sure they meant well and did not know they were scarring me for life …

    Throughout the rest of my childhood, I had a recurring dream where I was walking to my grandfather’s house from my own house, turned around halfway there, and saw my home in flames. Year after year after year — the same dream. I don’t have it anymore, but I remember it vividly even now, decades later.

  10. Wildfires can be quire scary indeed. Greetings!

  11. This has got to be terrifying and I worry about the men and women who out themselves in danger to fight these fires.

  12. I’d be on edge all the time if I lived there. Thankfully you’re okay, and my thoughts go out to all those who are facing the fires.

  13. jenniferbielman

    Fires like that scare me so much. I now two people that lost their house to fires.

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