IWSG 17 – Perspective

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Yesterday I went to get my eyes checked. To get to the clinic in Kelowna , a two and half hour one way trip, I had to drive through Rock Creek.

All I kept thinking was, this could have been Grand Forks.

It looked normal enough at first. Patches of blacken land started popping up here and there. I guess the spot fires were easy enough to put out–but I’m guessing and don’t really know for certain. As we went down Highway 33 we came acrossΒ  wider longer black patches that surround what looked like melted metal. I didn’t understand at first. That the pile of melted metal was someone’s home.

The trees stood like burnt matches lit from the wrong end. Tufts of green clung to the tops of lucky ones. For all I know these survivors were dying a slow and sad death.

I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make this round. Sure, we offer our work to a chosen few and cross our fingers. Sometimes our pride takes a hit. But its not devastating. We don’t lose everything. So think of the fire struck lands and put your first world problems aside.

Submit, be brave, and remember rejection doesn’t hurt half as bad as somethings do.

76 responses to “IWSG 17 – Perspective

  1. Whew! It really is all about perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I remind myself to be grateful, despite problems, because mine could be worse and many peoples are much worse. It is so easy for us to forget that when we get caught up life stuff. Sending prayers and positive energy to those who suffer loses in the fires.
    Juneta Writer’s Gambit

  3. Great post Anna and you are so right! There really are worse things that could happen. πŸ˜‰

  4. That slaps me back to reality. Of course. I have no guilt about what I have, but I also shouldn’t forget how fortunate I am.

  5. I know I am fortunate and appreciate it every day, but thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚
    sherry @ fundinmental

  6. Fabulous post, Anna, brief, searing, and to the point. How absolutely devastating for everyone caught in that disaster!

  7. You’re right. It’s all about perspective. No matter how scary rejection is, there are worse things that can happen. So be brave and submit, and maybe something wonderful will come out of it.

  8. Thanks for a lovely reminder on being grateful and love life
    P.S :I’m sorry I was away for so long. It’s good to be back

    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

  9. Inspiring words! Thank you!

  10. Great analogy! It is totally about perspective. We just have to keep pushing forward.

  11. This is perfect for me right now. I’m nervous about sending my chapters to beta readers, but I suppose I have braver. And thank you so much for offering your help! πŸ™‚

  12. I think sometimes we need to remember how blessed we really are.

  13. Nice. I always say there will be haters, but your audience is out there. You just have to find it.

  14. Wonderful perspective and some great writing. It’s almost like you’re a writer or something πŸ™‚

  15. Well said! If we focus too much on our own problems or perceived problems, we forget that there are so many others out there suffering unimaginable troubles! Yes, insecurity is painful and rejection is too BUT there are far worse things than not having the readership you long for. BE BRAVE! Thank you for that!!

    And thanks for visiting my blog this morning! It was good to see you there πŸ™‚


  16. Very true. I often hear people say things can’t get worse. Sure they can. On the other hand, they can also get better. That’s why it’s so important never to give up.

    VR Barkowski

  17. Too right. It’s so easy to forget sometimes…. Perspective is always a good thing.

  18. Our problems seem small compared to losing our homes or families. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for leaving the link to your post when you visit my blog. Easy to find you!

  19. You are very right. Thanks.
    The image you’ve painted in my mind is awful. If I saw that scene, I’d probably start crying and singing “It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

  20. Writing often takes a back seat to real life. That’s why I’m always grateful when I get the chance to write. It’s like a gift.

  21. Perspective – oh yes, you are so right. I must remember this.

  22. Yikes! Thanks for the reminder. Wow. I can’t even begin to imagine.

  23. I got chills reading about the pile of metal that had been a home. It’s too terrible to even imagine. Thanks for a healthy dose of perspective!

  24. Lovely and true. Words to keep in mind at all times. Thank you.

  25. It’s good to look at things with that perspective in mind. We’ve had quite a rough year around here with the forest fires and many people have not been lucky. We’ve had the smoke here, but I haven’t seen the actual damage myself. Must be intense.

  26. No matter what personal difficulties we have there is always someone who is suffering more. I always try to keep that in mind.
    That is a really long ride to have your eyes checked. I will never complain about the traffic or parking at my doctors again, the office is 10 minutes away.

  27. Putting it all into perspective does make a difference.

  28. Good point, Anna. Well said.

    Do you mean Kelowna, BC? I grew up in BC. I had no idea you were Canadian! (Making an assumption here.)

  29. That is so sad. A good reminder that no matter how bad things are, they could always be worse.

  30. you should sell T-shirts with that very last sentence … love it! πŸ™‚

  31. “Put your first world problems aside.” Good advice. Those fires are so devastating, and they can’t seem to get them under control. My brother is in an area of Washington state that is burning away. So, yes, our petty fears of rejections seem very small, indeed.

  32. You’re so right! It’s definitely about perspective.
    Those fires are absolutely devastating . . . but you painted a picture that went straight to the point. Great post!

  33. That’s very true. There are many, many worse things out there that can happen than a rejection, bad review, etc.

  34. That really does put it in perspective, doesn’t it?

  35. I love it. So inspiring.

  36. Yes, indeed. This does put everything in perspective and make many of the little things we worry about pale by comparison.

  37. Sometimes we really do need these moments of clarity, to put things in perspective. Love the descriptions in this one,

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