Marketing Plans + Book Bloggers

What is a marketing plan?

Most publishing houses either have a marketing plan or expect the author to come up with a plan, so what is it?

If you check out book bloggers then you’ve already read birds-311964_1280some of the things authors do to promote sales: excerpts, giveaways, cover reveals, blog tours, book trailers, interviews, guest posts, and reviews.

A few other things you can do online are: virtual Facebook parties, thunderclaps, building newsletter subscribers + rallying a street team.

In bookstores or libraries you can also do a book signing, and book readings.

In schools you can participate in career day.

That’s it. A marketing plan is a scheduled promotion of your work, before, during and after the book release.

Finding your audience?

If you read the genre that you write then you already are tapped in to a very important means to reach out. Where do you go for your next read?

Book Bloggers/Reviewers

Each book blogger has a following, a fan base. Trust exists between them and their readers because they are in sync. If the blogger has a review policy posted on their site, take advantage of it and submit your work.

In the policy you will find a guideline for your submission (much like an agent or publisher). Roll with it and remember first impressions are lasting. Meet the guidelines with a smile, be respectful and personalize your query.

You are not submitting because you’re guaranteed a rave. crow-45972_1280You are submitting to them because they understand and love the genre. They’ll let their audience know if you hit it out of the park. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

Anyone out there have any other tips for a marketing plan or reaching out to book bloggers? I’m dying to hear them. πŸ™‚

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29 responses to “Marketing Plans + Book Bloggers

  1. Excellent tips as always, Anna, thank you! For me, facebook parties have been the best way to find new readers/reviewers.

  2. Great tips. I’m going to tweet this!

  3. I do have a tip. Reading, writing, and commenting on other writer’s blogs is important. It creates relationships. Bloggers are writers and readers. They’ll help promote you if you help promote them. Like, share, comment, tweet, do what you can to help other artists. These things don’t cost you much more than a few seconds of your time.

    PS: Thanks for the comment on my blog. Much appreciated.

    Play off the Page

  4. Great post. I would recommend submitting your book again, if there is a blog you would like your book reviewed on. Sometimes a blogger is too booked. Also friending, following and engaging with the blog.

  5. Excellent tips. For me, I’ve received reviews by posting an ad, requesting reviews on Goodreads on

  6. Great list. I’m getting close to marketing. This is helpful.

  7. Awesome. You’ve given me an idea or two. I try to keep giving out energy to others, and that seems to work for me! πŸ™‚

  8. Great tips! What is a thunderclap? I’ve been hearing that term and have no idea what it is. Guess I’ll have to hit the Google machine.

    One surprising thing that’s been selling a few books for me is blogging. I hardly mention my book on my blog, but writing things I know potential readers would be interested in has paid off in ways I never thought possible.

  9. A marketing plan is so important because we can’t just release a book and do nothing. We have to help it along. I’ve been formulating my marketing plan for Seismic Crimes for a year. LOL! I have a lot of plans. πŸ˜‰

  10. I think you hit it pretty well. Not much to add.

  11. My head is so stuffed with all of these ideas and marketing strategies that I can’t keep them all straight and feel completely overwhelmed whenever I try to put something together. I have a folder on my computer for “Marketing” and I can’t bear to look at it. I’ve read everything in it, and know I will one day be able to go through it and put something together, but right now, it is more than I can handle!!!

  12. jenniferbielman

    I think marketing a book is almost harder than writing a book. Great advice.

  13. Marketing is definitely the hardest part. Thanks for the great ideas!

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