Happy Halloween Poem + A Special Guest

A while back I joined a writing circle. A face to face, in the same room, writing circle and it has been going great.

They had  a poetry night which I missed–unfortunately–but several of the group did some serious reciting. Well, my guest, Steve, who has a wonderful sense of humor was brave enough to do some reciting too. This is what he read:

The Library is Haunted
Steven Ure

It’s a little known fact
In this very tract
An Indian burial ground once lay
Where demons were once held at bay.
Not only that
This library houses a black cat
That when crossed will spirit your soul away
Then turn every bright colour grey.
But there’s more to fear,
You’re not in the clear,
There are zombies, vampires and werewolves too,
All hiding just out of view.
And look! Behind the front desk!
A witch! So grotesque!
She’s tall, blonde and pretty,
That’s why it’s such a pity,
If you ask her for a book,
You’ll be her next ingredient to cook.
But here’s some advice:
If you’re really nice,
She’ll be kind and spare you
From being minced into her next brew.
So be nice to your librarian
And you won’t end up carrion.

Isn’t he great. I’ll never look at are local library the same way. Anyway, you might have guessed he’s an author. Let’s check out one of his titles. 🙂

doolie gogh

About Doolie gogh:

Doolie Gogh is your everyday superhero. He can fly, he has super strength, speed and healing. But he also has a huge ego problem–he only performs heroics because of the public attention he gets. The saving people’s lives and stopping criminals is merely a side benefit.

His reputation takes a nosedive after he accidentally destroys an entire bank and a museum while battling a nasty supervillian. Forced to retire by a powerful and no-nonsense senator, Doolie does what any former superhero would do: finds a way to needed again. Becoming a villain so he can prove his worth as a good guy seems like the right thing to do, but it turns out to be much more complicated than that.

Purchase Links

Amazon | Champagne Books | Smashwords | Chapters Indigo

SteveAbout Steve Ure:

Steven fell in love with the written word years ago, and financed his university degree doing freelance editing and proofreading.

While he loves working with others, there is nothing more satisfying than
creating his own words and worlds. Steven spends his time in British
Columbia, Texas and occasionally Ireland.

Contact Links

Twittter | Website | Goodreads

Thanks for dropping by and Happy Halloween All!



6 responses to “Happy Halloween Poem + A Special Guest

  1. Happy Halloween Anna
    And great poem 😛 quite spocky

    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

  2. Love it. Hope you had a great Halloween.

  3. Great poem! Hope you had a happy Halloween. I stayed in and watched horror movies. It was perfect.

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