Lost it

If you’ve been reading my posts about NaNo then you know how absolutely psyched I’ve been going into this year’s round. So determined, so thrilled to be at it again.

I even joined a write-in this year.

I had it all sorted out. I was going to use my tablet and a website to save rose-297348_1280(1)whatever I wrote throughout my writing day. I did my first bout in the AM, leaving the two write-ins for later. One for an hour. The other for two hours. My plan was all figured out, but I’ll be honest I didn’t test it. And that was my big bad.

So I wrote for over four hours. The first was on my desktop as I do every day and all went well, didn’t lose a word.

But after three hours at my write-in (and no saving *face palm*) I did save and all I wrote disappeared.

At first I was just numb. I puttered on my tablet in complete denial. Then when the others finished up one asked me how it went and I told her I lost everything. She just stared. I know I can’t believe it either.

I went home and tried to rewrite what I lost. It took twenty minutes and a quarter of the word count. It hurt, and the next day my word count suffered again. I couldn’t shake it, I was so angry with myself.

I knew better.stickman-154553_1280

Do yourself a favor. Save often and cover your behind. Learn from my mistake. πŸ™‚

I’ll be back at another write-in this Friday. I’m doing it right this time. I’ll test and retest before I trust it with my work.

Anything happen with any of you over the years? It doesn’t have to be NaNo. I’ve love to know I’m not the only one with a plan that didn’t quite work out as…well…planned.


51 responses to “Lost it

  1. Oh no! I can only imagine the shock. I’ve had something similar happen with a review. I struggled to write it, finished it, saved it, and gone! I tried to remember and rewrite it, but came up short and unsatisfied. Not as drastic as what happened to you, but I can relate:)

  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I wasn’t there when it happened but I can feel your pain. I haven’t yet lost what I’ve written but I have forgotten awesome plot twists and scenes because I didn’t write it down in time. Was so sure I’d remember it later. I was wrong. Now I have document apps( Google docs and drive) on my phone, and always make sure to carry pen and paper on my person. I’ve also busted my adapters/chargers and had to use pen and paper until the new one I ordered arrived. And I can finally type it up and save it.

  3. That stinks! 😦

    I went to my first write-in the other day, too, but I just brought a notebook and pen to jot ideas, sketch scenes etc. I hope to go to another one, probably do the same thing. I have a laptop and a tablet, yet I still feel more comfortable taking my notebook out and about. I’m either old school or just plain old. πŸ™‚

  4. Me, too, Anna. It’s devastating. For a while, WordPress would lose my posts. There’s a way to get them back, but I didn’t learn that until after I’d lost a few. Now, I Ctrl+A to select everything I’ve typed, then Ctrl+C to copy it before moving on. I haven’t lost anything (at least there) since.

  5. Ouch, so sorry! Proud of you for jumping back in despite the loss–You go! You still have words, perhaps it will be better for it. So glad you got through it.

    I decided not to NaNo, although I had things ready if I decided it to do it. I have jotted down ideas and thoughts, but no actual writing, so decided to skip this year—if I write its just because. I use Scrivener, which auto saves it, so the words are still there, whereas Word sometimes recovers and sometimes doesn’t. I have lost stuff in past too and it makes your heart drop and then jump into your throat.
    Juneta Writer’s Gambit

  6. Oh, no. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’d be just sick. I have had panic moments when my computer got a couple nasty viruses. But, thanks to my computer genius, he recovered them. I have learned to put my photos on an external drive (although a bit behind on that now), and I’m putting special files in more than one place.

  7. I am so sorry! A few years ago, I lost over 7,000 words during NaNo- felt like someone punched me for a good day or two! 😦

  8. This happened when writing my master work. I then had to rewrite, re-research all links and references. I handed in my papers (less pages than anticipated) last minute. Luckily, they let me pass the exam.
    Major data loss happens just once – then we are prepared.

  9. Oh, that’s awful! It hurts just reading about it. I’ve lost small bits here and there, but nothing huge because I obsessively hit the save button. I’m paranoid about losing words because I know I can never exactly recreate what I wrote the first time. Hope the rest of your NaNo goes better!

  10. Oh gosh! I’m so sorry! I definitely learned the hard way to save and save often. Best advice for writers, especially thone doing a challenge like NaNo.

  11. Yes, I’ve lost lots of stuff. We had our laptop crash and lost ALL records. Hired a company to restore the files. They got back most of them, but we discovered what was missing when we needed a file and it wouldn’t be listed. I’ve written pages too, like you, and then a glitch happens, highlights the words, and my next keystroke deletes them! A range of emotions happens–surprise, shock, anger, frustration. grrrrrrrr. I’m pretty good at saving now, but not at saving files to an external storage. We have a big one, but I don’t really know how to use it. Not sure if it has all our files on it. Getting my memory stick out now to copy my latest writings. Thanks for your cautionary tale reminding us to SAVE SAVE SAVE.

  12. Oh no! So sorry to read this. Something similar happened to me once and I can still feel the sting of it. Ugh. Good luck with the rest of NaNo!

  13. There should be a default save option on your device. If not, you can set it to default save. I’ve had enough trouble with power outages and the like that my programs save every 5 minutes. It slows down processing a little, but I haven’t lost anything in years. (And I feel your pain. Totally. Completely.) The last thing I lost was 12 pages of complete genius–because my device died. Completely died. No hard drive recover available, although my hubby and I sure tried.

  14. Pooh! I’m so sorry to hear your news, Anna. It really hurts when it happens, and don’t worry, it’s happened to all of us! πŸ™‚

  15. Been there, done that. Glad everything is going good now. πŸ™‚
    sherry @ fundinmental

  16. UGH…I hate that! I’ve been using Scrivener…it has all kinds of benefits, but I’m still figuring it out! I am a bit obsessive about hitting Control + S constantly while I’m writing. It’s a little crazy how often I hit it. I think it’s a procrastination tactic!


  17. I work on Scrivener, too, and have also set my Word to auto-save. Once i get into the flow, I find it impossible to emerge to click Save.

  18. jennifer@badbirdreads

    Oh God, that is a punch in the gut! I can’t believe that happened to you. So sorry. Yes, save, save, save, good advice.

  19. Oh, you’re NOT the only one who has lost everything! It happened to me in college once. I thought I’d saved the story I was working on for a class. Was CERTAIN it was all safe and sound. And then…it was gone. The entire project! Talk about frantic typing for a graded deadline! I am such a stickler for saving now. I have things saved on external and internal hard drives. I write most of my first drafts by hand so I can have a hard copy. That may be overdoing things a bit, but I certainly don’t want to lose 20+ pages again!

    Have a wonderful week!

  20. I hate it when I lose work. I tend to be obsessive about saving work now since I’ve lost some like you did and it can be so frustrating. Seems like what we remember and rewrite is never as good as the original inspired writing.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  21. Oh no! That’s terrible. I really feel for you.

    I once had an evil ex-boyfriend steal my novel, which was on disks. (Yep, going back in time…) The only hard copy was with my chiropractor, of all people, and when I asked for it back, he said he’d given it to his former receptionist. So I had to go to her house, and the idea of retyping all those 500 single-spaced pages (not to mention a year of rewrites lost) gave me hives. That book ended up in the recycling bin, but I rewrote it from scratch.

    The good news is, it was a lot better the second time around. I got an agent with it, and it’s now up on my website as a freebie for anyone who signs up for my newsletter. πŸ™‚

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