Some Holiday Fun

I needed to take a break from writing, blog tours, and all the rest of it, so I decided to put on my other creative hat. The one that gets my hands busy in a totally different way and here’s what I’ve come up with.

adjustable necklace 1charm bracelet 2zipper pull







What Happened

It all began with my getting online. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I ordered a bracelet making kit, but it wasn’t quite right. I eyeballed my old costume jewelry and before I knew it I was making something completely different.

The first of the set is an adjustable necklace and is pretty much ready to go. Dragons. Dragons. Oh how I love them.

The middle one is a bracelet that still needs to be tweaked. What’s left to do? I must have the lucky recipient’s wrist size. Note the word recipient. Nope I’m not keeping these beauties.

The third and farthest right is a zipper pull that works well on a bag as it does on a favorite hoodie. I have one of these on my wallet. It always get a complement when I whip it out.

Overall I think I did pretty well.

But here comes the big decision. I’ll let you decide. Should it be the necklace, bracelet, or zipper pull?  Which should be a giveaway prize?


31 responses to “Some Holiday Fun

  1. Ow wow! They are all gorgeous. I think I’m going to pull out my jewelry box. You inspired me.
    Let’s see. which one??? The zipper pull! It’s so shiny and charming. But I love bracelets too. LOL

  2. Okay, it’s a split vote for you. hehehe

  3. Those are beautiful. Make a great online business too if you can make enough, I vote for the zipper pull. Standard size necklaces and bracelets don’t fit all people. My ex roomy had to have a larger necklace and I have larger than standard size bracelet, so vote for zipper pull one size fits all. lol

    Beautiful Anna
    Juneta Writer’s Gambit

  4. Gorgeous! The zipper pull is my vote too. 🙂

  5. I love them all but I like the bracelet best because there’s something about that dragon. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m in the midst of the Game of Thrones book series or what, but it’s speaking to me!

  6. I am partial to necklaces. I teach a lot of online classes and that’s about all students see of me.

  7. These are very creative. I vote for that sparkly beautiful zipper pull. Not into dragons, oops should I admit that? Are your readers into dragons? Glad you’re taking a break from the blog posts.

  8. I love jewelry making! These are lovely. My vote goes to the zipper pull. 😀

  9. The necklace. I think necklaces are the most universal.

    They’re beautiful!

  10. Really cute. Can you let the winner choose?

  11. It’s great to get crafty and let go of the writing for a bit. I really like how you used your own style to make these. Unique and cool!

  12. Oh, they are all lovely! I like the first two the best.

  13. I love them all and dragons….but the zipper pull…They are all very nice and I have a ton of jewelry I don’t wear so, hmmm.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  14. Those are gorgeous..I love dragons too.

  15. The zipper pull is beautiful! But I’m partial to super-feminine girly things! Overall, though, you’re just VERY talented.


  16. The dragon one seems the best to me.

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