Video Games: Time Suck or Best Present Evaaahhh

So how was everyone’s celebration? Mine was a quiet one with family, good food and a Christmas movie or two.

One gift I got was a computer game. At first, I was a little ho-hum over it because I’m not good at games and usually lose interest after a few hours of suffering through impossible odds. But not this time.

I played for about an hour on Christmas day and it was good. I told my son it was the perfect fit for me and it was an honest response. Then on Boxing Day I did the strangest thing, for me anyway, I got up at six, poured a coffee and started to play.

For hours I was on top of my little world then everything went wrong and I was seething. Everywhere I went I was clobbered. By nine o’clock I was pounding on my son’s door asking him to help me.

It is wonderful to have such a son and here’s why I think so.

He not only offered suggestions and sat with me while I went so slow he thought he might fall asleep, his words. He bought the game as well and plans to play it so he can help me with my next several stages. Oh, I mean levels.

All I can say is I was going to play for a few hours and get on with my plans for dragon-149393_1280bBoxing Day. Ha! I took a short break to do what I must in the real world, then played all day and late into the night.

I finally get why people do this. Sure it might be a time suck, but it is also too much fun. 🙂

I’m late. Yes, very, very late. I forgot to schedule my post this week. *cheeksburn* I’m still playing that crazy game. Sorry about that.

So, what did you do for your special day(s)? Tell me. I’d love to hear about it.

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38 responses to “Video Games: Time Suck or Best Present Evaaahhh

  1. They can be addictive and I love you had to ask your kid for help. LOL Happy holidays. 🙂

  2. Yeah, video games can be addictive. My hubby and sons can play it all day. I never saw the novelty in it though. Played a game with my hubby once, the war fighting one (forget the name). I was done with it and wanted to do something else in 2-3 hours. My Christmas was fairly quiet and watched over the boys with their uncle, riding their new bike and scooter.

  3. I haven’t dipped a toe yet into that time black hole. I do watch my son play–which can take hours. It’s fun to see what he does.

  4. today’s videogames are mind-blowing with graphics and narrative, and yes they are time consuming but some elements can inspire stories for sure 🙂 happy new year Anna!!

    • Good thinking. The stories are amazing in the sucker. It’s supposed to take 90 hours to complete. At the way I’m going at it, it may take 180. Turns out that’s good news. 🙂

  5. Electronic games are the new family games, or they can be. Yes, they are a time suck, but did you ever play Monopoly with your cousins for an entire week? I did. Glad you enjoyed your game and Christmas. I had many lovely celebrations, events, and programs.

  6. Do you ever watch The Big Bang Theory? Penny didn’t get why the guys would get so absorbed in their games until they got her into one. Next thing you know, she’s sitting in her apartment, not having showered for days, playing the game. She even had a Cheeto in her hair! That’s perhaps why I avoid video games. I’d be the same way if I ever got into one!


  7. What a great son to help you out!! I love it!
    And I think we all need a good time sucker to let us destress in some way or another even when the destresser is stressful LOL!

  8. My husband would say it’s both!

    I used to be addicted to Roller Coaster Tycoon. I’d play it into the middle of the night sometimes.

  9. How cute that your son bought you that gift!! Sweet 🙂 And, it’ll give you and your son something to bond over which is great.
    I don’t dare even put a toe into that pond, I can’t fit everything in as it is!! 🙂

  10. It’s nice to have something to bond with your son over. We recently received a computer Scrabble game where you play Scrabble to go around the world and I really love it. My son and I played real Scrabble (he beat me by 3 points) and Bananagrams on Christmas Eve. It was super fun. We stayed home and Skyped with my family who had all gathered at my brother’s house in California on Christmas. It was the best of both worlds since my son only had 2 days off work. Always awesome to be with your child on holidays.

  11. Sounds great how you got to bond with your son over the game. I’ve been unwell over the holidays, but am making plans for the next year!

    Here’s hoping your new year would be wonderful!

  12. The Ranting Monkey

    I love video games, I have since I first played pong so so so many years ago. They are a fantastic waste of time. Moderation is key. I hope you get many wonderful hours of enjoyment from yours.

  13. I might add a free game app, play for a few hours, and then delete because they’re so addictive. They are fun.

  14. Aw, what a sweet kid to help Mom. And you’re so slow? How surprising!! I played candy something on an app on my Kindle.I quit after I got to the level where I needed to actually pay 99 cents to get help. I discovered just because I bought the help doesn’t mean I moved to the next level. You still have to use the piece correctly or not move on. I got frustrated and quit. Still sulking about it. I play Solitaire and Scrabble on my Kindle now and that’s about it. It is a time sucker, but it certainly helps take the mind off of reality.

  15. Haha. Welcome to the life. 🙂 I’ve been gaming my entire life. It can be an addiction and it can also be a resource if used right. I only game after my writing is done and on my off days, to keep it in check.

  16. Happy New Year 🙂
    I love computer games but it’s been a while since I played one.
    Hope you had a great beggining of the year.

    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming

  17. jennifer@badbirdreads

    LOL, games can be like that. So fun but so frustrating.

  18. This was one of our quietest Christmas’s ever, but really lovely. The biggest thing we did was host a dinner party on New Year’s Eve. But that was perfect. Hope your year is off and running beautifully.

  19. Video games can be very addictive to me. Other than solitaire (which I sometimes play for far too long) I haven’t played any computer games since the 90’s when I became obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario Bros. So much more that I could be doing, but so captivating the play of the games. Maybe better than staring at the TV though. At least exercising thought process is at work.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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