Guess Who Is Attending SiWC16

To be honest, I never thought I’d do this. In fact, if you asked me last year I would have laughed, and laughed hard. Me at a convention. I’m a small town gal.

Somehow things changed. It’s not that I expect to be discovered, although I think I’d like that; I just need more from my writing life. I’ve picked dry most of my writing manuals. My writing groups are great, yet I”m missing something profound.

After some hard thinking, I realized how much I want to talk shop, and meet people I’ve only interacted with on line. So many of the industry post their experiences, keeping the rest of us in the loop. I’d love to shake some hands, practice a few pitch sessions, workshop and soak it all up in person.

I can’t wait to go. What would you do first if you were me?

36 responses to “Guess Who Is Attending SiWC16

  1. I’ve been to a few general writing conferences and one on craft, and I loved it all! I was nervous, anxious, etc, but once you realize you’re among YOUR people – book people, writing people – it becomes so much fun. You’ll do great! 🙂

  2. Perfect! You can even drive to it. I’ve not attended a convention simply because they are usually far away and very expensive. I’m anxious to hear about your experience. Have a great time and Learn something!!

  3. I hope to be able to do that one day. You go! Cheering you on. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  4. I hope you have a lot of fun. You’ll have to let us know how the conference goes. 🙂

  5. Hope you signed up to meet some agents and publishers. Got your pitch memorized in case you get stuck in an elevator with one of those?

  6. Just roam around and introduce yourself to everyone. You’ll make friends fast.

  7. Oh, that sounds like fun. I’ve only been to a couple of small conferences, but I always come away inspired. Don’t be afraid to jump right in and start conversations. You never know where they’ll go. Enjoy!

  8. I hope you have a marvelous time, get some pointers and inspiration, and make new friends!

  9. I have no idea what I would do first but I hope you have a fabulous time Anna!

  10. Good luck, I hope the experience is a good one!

  11. So glad you’ve chosen SiWC for your first conference! 🙂 See you there.

  12. Have a great time. Enjoy!!!
    sherry @ fundinmental

  13. I think you will have so much fun!

  14. I’ve yet to go to a convention/conference because of expenses and distance. but one day, one day…But if I were to go first thing I’d do is prioritize which workshops I definitely, definitely must go to. Good luck and hope you have lots of fun!

  15. I think it’s awesome you’re going to attend the conference, Anna. I try to get to as many as I can! 🙂

  16. I’m a list maker, so I always make lists before I go anywhere. There’s what I pack, what I want to see around the hotel, and of course what I want to do at the conference itself and what materials I need (I forgot to pack bookmarks for one conference, so I learned to make my lists in advance).

  17. jennifer@badbirdreads

    So jealous. Hope you have a great time.

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