The Local Fawns Are Out Of Hiding

white-tailed-deer-934512_1280I’ve known since spring that fawns were nearby, but they didn’t come out in droves until recently. I saw three sets of does with their twins while I drove to the grocery store. It’s a five-minute drive.

When I see these little guys, I understand why the higher powers made them so cute. It gives them a better chance of survival. Big eyed, vulnerable and Bambilike prompts compassion and for a short time I can forget about the trouble their herd causes the rest of the year.

It began innocently enough. When I was a kid seeing a deer in town was rare and kind of special. Today, if I don’t see one in town, I wonder if something is wrong. Although the human inhabitants of Grand Forks have become rather accepting of the beasties, deer are becoming more and more demanding. They can be aggressive when they have their young nearby and chase off people and their pets.

Unless the garden fence is over six feet or the gardener is growing plants that deer-1055184_1920deer don’t eat, they’ll consume a garden in a day. Pets can’t be let out without someone checking first. Deer will defend themselves if taken by surprise. It has become ridiculous.

Some townsfolk still don’t understand that feeding the deer is a bad thing. Our local herd runs parallel with bears feeding at a dump. Both are attracted to the high payoff with little effort.

So the fawns are out and it’s this time of year I calm down and smile. They are so cute. Sure they’ll grow up and cause havoc on our little community, but don’t we all. 🙂

Time to share your pet peeve. What do you have to say about your local pests?

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32 responses to “The Local Fawns Are Out Of Hiding

  1. Ah, that is awesome you see them that often.
    Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  2. It’s difficult to look at the fauns and the world they face and worry about our manmade problems, innit?

  3. Look at that baby in the first picture! So adorable. I wish there were fauns were I live.

  4. They are adorable when tiny and spotted, but keeping them away from my produce and flowers has been a full time job. I think we’ve finally created a fence that will hold them back. I hope so. Last year had nothing left in the garden after they stopped in for a snack.

  5. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

    Cute! I wonder if these fawns play with the mythical fauns. 😉

    Although we do have deer nearby, they don’t come into our subdivision. However, at work, sometimes geese poop on the sidewalk. We don’t need to bring their germs inside!

  6. That’s amazing!

    Here we have sandhill cranes strutting across the road, and earlier in the spring a lot of them had their babies with them – adorable! Oh, and the other day while my husband and I were bike riding, he saved a tiny turtle that was trying to cross the road. 🙂

  7. So cute! My local pests all have many, many legs and hide in dark corners. Ugh. Not to mention they’re HUGE.

  8. Awe, yes I can see where folks are tempted to feed them because they are so darn cute, but it is dangerous.

  9. So cute. I lived in Rochester New York for ten years, right by a huge park and Lake Ontario. We did find them in our front yard on more than one occasion and it was not uncommon to see them crossing the only road to the beach. The deer were so prevalent, they began a bait and kill program. I hated that, but since they have no predator and the land can only support so many, it makes you wonder what the solution is.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  10. I’m happy that we have deer roaming around our neighborhood, but I’m not too happy with the fact that they eat many of my flowers. And what they don’t get to, the groundhogs will finish. Arg!

  11. The little fawn is adorable. My folks live out in the country and have does with twin fawns in the meadow behind their house. They have to put an electric fence around their garden to keep the deer out. I see deer occasionally, but my biggest pests are rabbits. They’re also adorably cute, except when they’re eating my flowers.

  12. Wow, that’s interesting that the herd has become so large that they’re a problem. Does the council there do any sort of culling program? I love the picture of the doe. Gorgeous. What a pity they’re a pest! We don’t have large critters down here in New Zealand, Anna. However, we do have pests. Rats are the pest on this property. I don’t like to poison them but I do put poison under the house. They nearly chewed through our water pipes!
    So, I had to do something.

    • Any thing we do is in complete self defense. Like you we don’t really want to do anything cruel. The articles below my post explain what city officials have been doing. And yes culling is one of them. 😦

  13. The fawns are adorable. I thought we had it bad with rabbits eating our flowers. A heard of deer would not be good.

  14. I thought we had a lot of deer in Pennsylvania, and they do considerable damage to cars when they run in the road — and yes, they can wreak havoc on your vegetable garden — but I have never seen aggressive deer before!

    I am more aggravated by the groundhogs and voles that eat my lillies!

  15. In my neighborhood, we have snakes and rabbits, so it’s a toss-up between lovably welcome and get out, get you servant of Lucifer.

  16. I sometimes see raccoons, snakes, and possums, but it’s so rare that they’re not pests. Deer are so cute.

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