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OPTIONAL IWSG Day Question: What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)?

Writers evolve because over time not only do we get better at the craft we see all kinds of possibilities we ignored in the beginning. Most of us start off modest. Well, I did at any rate.

now i have a goal

My goal lately is to find an agent, but like many of you that’s not how it started. It started with entering a contest and receiving an honorable mention. After many more words and a few published shorts, it brought me to the Insecure Writers Support Group.

Like everyone else that enjoys membership I write because I can’t stop. It’s amazing how secure I feel when I know I’m not alone.

I get lost in storytelling

Sometimes I’m secure and brave enough to start brainstorming, or outlining.

I get moments when I’m lost in my imagination and can live there for months. I don’t mind the hard work of getting the story down. I’m happiest when I’m up to my elbows and don’t worry about where it will lead.

Too scary for me, so I won’t over think it.

When I incorporate feedback and think the work is polished enough, I live in moments of bravery or madness and submit. Sometimes it pays off. I try not to over think that either.

someone else liked my work

It turned out someone thought I was worth publishing. It was validation. I got it. I guess I want more of it.

Seeking Representation is evolution

So things have changed from contests and short to novels and seeking an agent. I could be mad, as in crazy as a loon, or maybe I’m brave. In the end it won’t matter. What matters is moving forward one word at a time.

Big plans or little. How’s it going for you?


84 responses to “IWSG 50: WRITERS EVOLVE

  1. I can live in my imagination forever too. It’s such an interesting place 🙂 Good for you for seeking an agent! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  2. It really does help knowing we’re not alone. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I too love storytelling and I get lost in it. Sometimes, when I’m grocery shopping I am talking to my characters. I think the people in my village have gotten used to seeing me talk to myself.
    All the best with getting your agent.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  4. There’s no place I’d rather be than in the worlds I create in my imagination. Good luck with your agent search!

  5. I’m in campnanowrimo this month, and so my goal is to finish my mystery by the end of July. After that, still so much work to do. I’m going to take it a step at a time. 🙂 Happy IWSG day!

  6. Sounds like you know where you’re going! I agree, the joy is in the writing–it’s good to have goals, but at the end of the day, the joy is what brings us back to the page.

  7. spunkonastick

    That’s a big step to find an agent, but little successes (and great writing) make it much more attainable.

  8. Finding an agent is on my Maybe To Do list – along with self-publishing … still can’t decide which way to head. maybe I’ll try both! 🙂

  9. I have toyed and flirted with agents, and from the stories I’ve heard, I might be happier without one. Maybe one day. Maybe not. Here’s wishing you success in your efforts, however they pan out!

  10. Loni Townsend

    I hope you find a good agent, or that good agent finds you!

  11. I hope all of your dreams come true Anna 🙂

  12. Just reading how much you love writing inspires me. Your patience and hard work. will help you through. I don’t know about an agent. I’ve never had one, so I can’t offer advice. I know a good agent is hard to find, but with your polished writing, you will be found. Best wishes.
    JQ Rose

  13. Whatever we do on our writing path, we always move forward! How would it look like if we went backwards? Impossible. You either quit, or every little step (whether it is a blog post, a story, brainstorming, an outline, a story idea, reading someone else’s book) is progress to becoming a better writer. Seeing it this way, making progress as a writer is easy… one step at a time!

    Getting published is the best validation there is (together with positive reader reviews). Good luck finding an agent, Anna!

  14. Goals do evolve as we learn more. Good luck on your agent quest!

  15. I haven’t looked for an agent in a while. The search itself takes so much time, and there are a lot of publishing venues that don’t require one. Here’s wishing you luck in finding one and for it being valuable for you! @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

  16. This was a wonderful post, Anna!

  17. Good luck in your search.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  18. I hope to find an agent one day too. It’s a scary proposition but I want to give it a try. Loved this post – it’s such a great feeling to get lost in our imaginations!
    Good luck meeting your goal. 🙂

  19. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.
    Best of luck with your agent search. I think that’s a good goal to pursue, especially if you’ve been submitting without one for a long time. As long as you feel confident in your choices, you can’t go wrong.

  20. Oh boy good luck on your journey to find an agent!!! Query-land is a scary place trying to find a publisher (at least for me) I think I’d be doubly terrified trying to land an agent! Got my pom-poms out to cheer you on!

  21. I love bearing witness to an author’s evolution as a writer.

  22. Wishing you luck in the query trenches. I’m gearing up for a speed-pitching event at RWA Nationals in Denver this month. I’ll practice my pitch on my critique group next week.

  23. Yes, you’re right. Moving forward is important. Can’t remember what you write but you might want to enter some of my query contests to get feedback on your query from an agent.

  24. mlouisebarbourfundyblue

    Good luck, Anna, in your quest for an agent. I will never forget when I received a letter telling me my short story had been accepted for publication by a Canadian literary journal. Very little since has matched that feeling ~ Someone thought I was worth publishing!! I know that feeling! Wishing you all the best.

  25. Growing by leaps and bounds, you are very brave. I loved witnessing all the stages of metamorphosis. Cheering for ya! Happy IWSG!

  26. Good luck in finding an agent.

  27. Best wishes on the agent hunt. I know you will find one. 🙂

  28. Lovely post, Anna!
    Good luck with finding an agent. You have the patience and perseverance. I’m sure it will happen when you least expect it (that’s how these things usually play out…)

  29. Keep on moving forward! That’s the best way to keep knocking out goals. Way to go on growing.

  30. Angela Wooldridge

    I’m seeking an agent too – good luck! 🙂

  31. Best of luck finding an agent!

  32. Good luck with querying! I like what you did with the whole evolution thing in your post.

  33. Moving forward one word at a time, that’s a great quote, Anna! I’ll be interested to know your adventures looking for an agent – good luck!! 🙂

  34. mlouisebarbourfundyblue

    I was sure I left a comment here last night ~ but I have an aptitude for messing up with computers. I wish you success in finding an agent. There is nothing like having someone like your work and publishing it. You’re brave, not crazy as a loon ~ Go for it!

  35. I’ve gone the agent route, twice. I think my niche is Indie.
    Congrats on your successes. It’s lovely when the muse is singing isn’t it?

  36. I heard someone say that having no agent is better than a bad one. I had a bad one. That’s how it goes sometimes. I wish you well in your search. Check out the agent well before signing.

  37. Victoria Marie Lees

    One word at a time is the only way to move forward in our WIP, Anna. I wish you all the luck finding representation. Everyone here is giving you solid advice. I hope to need this advice as well when my time for representation is near.

  38. I hope you get your agent one day and they are the best thing ever since sliced bread for your books. =)

  39. I’ve been seeking representation on an unpublished project for years. *sigh* It’s tough, but not impossible. I wish you the best of luck with finding your perfect agent.

  40. Congrats on submitting. I’ve gone in the opposite direction…I started out positive I’d be the next Stephen King or Charles Dickens to just wanting to be able to eke out an honest living.

  41. Awesome for seeking an agent! All the best!

  42. Christine Rains

    Good luck with your querying! I could live in my imagination too. What an amazing and ever-evolving place.

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