IWSG 63: Honorable Mention from Years Ago


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Has your writing ever taken you by surprise? 

When I first started my journey which was quite a while ago, I won an award. Well, a honorable mention. I know. It’s not exactly an award, but it meant a lot. It still does.

Until then writing fiction was a guilty pleasure.

I was raising a child alone, working and maintaining a home. Taking time to get a story down seemed selfish, and indulgent. So much was on my shoulders.

I needed the outlet.

I’m a loner. Not much of a social life or a support system. Over the years, I raised Bossman—my son’s online persona—just fine, downsized our home, and retired.

Writing is still with me.

My recognition  came in an email. A few words telling me I didn’t win, but have been given an honorable mention. The contest–Writers of the Future–is huge It made that moment huge. I felt pretty special and still have the award up on my wall.

After that, I had a few shorts were published, and my paranormal mystery.

Things have petered out since then.

Maybe my fifteen minutes are over. I don’t care. It doesn’t stop me from keeping my little successes up where I can glance up at them.

I keep going.

Once, someone liked what I wrote. It didn’t win. But according to a tidbit online, honorable mentions were given out when the judge kept reading. They were engaged to the end.

For a new writer that was really something.

Thanks for dropping by. Any awards or success you’d like to share. I’d love to read about them.

62 responses to “IWSG 63: Honorable Mention from Years Ago

  1. An honorable mention in that contest is a big deal. So many people enter. Means you were in the top 1%.

  2. What a boost of confidence, Anna, especially so early in your writing game. That’s awesome. I really like your attitude about writing and your progress, and your achievements or lack thereof. I get way too overwhelmed when I’m behind with my writing goals and can’t enjoy anything else until I catch up, which never happens. It’s a vicious circle. I should learn from your perspective and wisdom. 🙂

    As for myself: no awards. No published books. But, many accepted and published articles. That has been my path to “success”.

  3. Angela Wooldridge

    Wow – that’s fantastic! If I had that I’d keep tellng everyone about it too 😉

  4. That is a huge deal, and you should totally still have that up on your wall! And your fifteen minutes are not over. None of us are done yet. Keep going! 🙂

  5. That is a huge contest! An honorable mention from them is amazing. I don’t think your fifteen minutes are over. I’ve beta read for you – you’re a very talented writer 🙂

  6. I’m with you on the selfishness of writing. I felt that way until my kids moved on. I still drop everything when they call.

  7. That’s awesome! And I totally feel you on the kid thing. I can’t write at home for that very reason. If I’m home and not paying attention to my family, it feels like I’m neglecting them, and I can’t handle that. Thankfully, I have a lunch hour that lets me get a few words down here and there!

  8. That truly is something!
    My similar surprise happened when my short story was picked for an anthology contest – I’m still smiling a lot over that one!
    Keep that award up!

  9. A little success is addictive…I find I’ll work very very hard hoping for another taste! @samanthabwriter from
    Balancing Act

  10. Honorable mention is awesome! Maybe 15 minutes are up, but you’ve got a lifetime of hours ahead of you. Carry forth!

  11. Congratulations on your award! Those nuggets can feel few and far between but rewarding nonetheless. (My friend refers to her 18-month-old as Boss Lady 😉 )

  12. Hi,
    I so relate to what you’ve written about your award. My first award was in December 2016 and it will always be very special to me. It was my first.
    Take care.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

  13. That’s awesome about the award. I don’t think it’s the last celebration you’ll have. I remember early in my career about 17 years ago my manuscript went to acquisitions at Little Brown. I always remember it and it kind of keeps me going.

  14. That is a big deal. Congrats. It’d thrill me too. Happy IWSG!

  15. That’s a great surprise!

  16. Recognition, especially in a contest as big and established as Writers of the Future, is a huge thing at any point in a writer’s career. Honorable mention is nothing to sneeze on. Congrats.

  17. I can relate to so many points in your post. Congratulations on the honorable mention. That is huge. Thank you for the encouragement too tokeep going 🙂

  18. That’s wondrous! Isn’t it amazing what recognition can do for our psyche?

  19. That is soooo awesome! And yes, it’s HUGE! Time doesn’t take that away from you.

  20. An honorable mention is a big deal and can be just the thing we need.

  21. Your 15 minutes aren’t over. This business has an ebb and flow. It may seem like a lull now, but it’s only temporary.

  22. That sounds like an awesome accomplishment. I would keep that on my way near my writing desk FOREVER.

  23. I do not write poetry but back in high school, I tried. I won a writing contest for a poem I wrote. It was very personal and I think people were more impressed with my honesty than my writing. Still, it felt good. I’ve won a few small peer recognition awards in the last few years and they mean a lot to me. I brag about those because I know and respect the writers who deemed my work worthy of their time and effort to read.

  24. I can say I have a similar story, although it’s more recent. I submitted a story and didn’t make it, but they told me my story sat in the maybe pile for a good long while. That really made me feel good despite the rejection.

  25. Wow, that’s the sort of wonderful thing that must keep the inner fires burning. If you’ve hit the mark once, you know you can do it again. 🙂

  26. That is TOTALLY something to be proud of, and it should make you happy! CONGRATS! It’s a lot more than I had with my writing, but I keep plugging along. Even a nice comment from an author who commented on how well my review was written for her book, put a smile on my face. I know I can write and it is appreciated by other authors…that is enough for me for now….

  27. Receiving an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future contest is huge. I’ve thought of possibly entering the contest in the future (if I ever get out of this slump). Don’t count yourself petered out just yet as flames can arise from the ashes.

  28. mlouisebarbourfundyblue

    Hi, Anna! Your fifteen minutes is over if you give up. Somehow I don’t think you will! I’d definitely still have that award on my wall!!! I’m a loner too. I like my cave. I’m still recovering from two weeks of partying and socializing with my family and friends in Nova Scotia. I am so drained! All the best to you as you continue to write!

  29. I’m late for this important date – excuses available on request. Anyway, congratulations on that Award. Time can never take that away. My most precious award was back in 1965 – when I was almost twelve. I wrote an essay that won a first prize = 3 days with the Royal Navy, along with about 30 others.

  30. Enjoy that affirmation, Anna. Judges read to the end. That’s something! I remember my 1st Honorable Mention. I was thrilled. Your post reminded me how good that felt. I’m glad you haven’t given up.

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