IWSG 93: Cracked Through My Block


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Have any of your books been made into audio books? If so, what is the main challenge in producing an audiobook?

Nope. Not yet anyway. And I can’t wait to read your posts to learn more about this.

I do have news though

I’m writing again.

I’ve been stuck for over two years on this great project. I love the world and characters so much, but all couldn’t get it moving again. Inspiration would hit.

But not on the project, so I’d write a short. Then my impersonator syndrome would run rampant.

“Nope, you’ll never write another novel. Just shorts no one will ever read. Nevah!”

I felt doomed.

But I wouldn’t give up. During one of my many attempts to right this horrible wrong, I found a discord channel with some wonderful young writers. They listened and offered some really insightful advice that cracked my writer’s block.

Next thing I know, I’m back at something I really love and feeling pretty good.

I feel very fortunate. Thanks so much “Writing Room”.

Question for you:

Where do you go when you’re stuck?

My Research sources on audiobooks:

67 responses to “IWSG 93: Cracked Through My Block

  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    I’m glad you’re writing again!

    Ronel visiting for IWSG day The Difference Between Reading Books and Collecting Books

  2. If I’ve learned anything as I plug through this world of novel writing, it is not to listen to that negative voice inside and outside your head. A critical review feeds the insecurities we hold. Shuts down the writer’s ability to go beyond the negativity. THANK GOD for writer’s groups or a few fellow writers who understand the process and can help get over that hump of doubt. It always makes me smile when I hear someone say – Hey, I’m writing again. Well done to you and those who helped crack a whole in your writer’s block.

    Here’s to pushing through. Cheers.

  3. spunkonastick

    Glad you are back at that novel again.

  4. So glad other writers helped you get unstuck and that you’re working on your project again.

  5. Great to read that you are writing again!
    Keep going.
    Happy IWSG Day, Anna!

  6. Excellent, Anna! I have a few novel/novella ideas that have been hanging around for a very long time, ones I still believe in, but that haven’t “clicked” for some reason. One of these days, that will happen. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  7. yay for getting through the writer’s block! It can be so frustrating when you’re wanting words and they don’t come.

  8. Yay for getting unstuck!! My brain tends to get stuck when I’m overwhelmed with choices and ideas. I’ve got a few nonfiction books that tend to help me find the centre again.

  9. Loni Townsend

    Woot woot! So glad to hear you’re writing again, and that you found a support group to pull you through. I tend to bounce ideas off my sis-in-law, best-friend, or my critique partners when I’m stuck on something, or I’ll switch projects and leave the one to stew while I work on something else. It hasn’t led to the best track record in finishing things, but it’s working at the moment.

    Hope you have a lot of great progress with your novel!

  10. I’m happy to hear you got unstuck. I hope it stays that way for a long time.

  11. It’s always great to hear when a writer has returned to doing what s/he loves best! Congratulations.

  12. Yay for writing! I’ve never had a major problem with writers’ block; usually I have trouble finding the time and/or energy to work on all the ideas I have. Though with my luck, if I ever find myself with lots of free time (ha!), the block will finally hit me.

  13. It’s wonderful you broke through your writing block and returned to your novel. But I don’t think your time spent writing short stories was wasted either. I love short stories. They teach you so much about precision and brevity. I consider those lessons invaluable myself when I’m writing in a longer form.

  14. I am so, so happy that you’re writing again! I am doing a happy dance for you.

  15. That’s great news that things are back on track with your writing! It’s so discouraging when the ideas won’t come. I have a small writers’ group that can usually get the wheels turning again if I get stuck. Sometimes it just takes working on something else for a while to get the ideas flowing again. Thanks for the audiobook links. I’ll check them out.

  16. Glad the writer’s block is broken!

  17. Hooray, Anna! Wonderful to hear you’ve become unblocked. My work involves listening to narratives all day long, so I sometimes turn to work for inspiration.

  18. Kudos to you for persevering and pushing through it, Anna. I find it really demoralizing when I get writer’s block. Now you are writing again, let the relief flood in!

  19. Mary Aalgaard

    So glad you’re back at the novel writing. I really enjoyed your first one!

  20. mlouisebarbourfundyblue

    How wonderful that you broke through your writer’s block, Anna!

    I struggle with impersonator syndrome a lot. I thrashed about long into the night on Tuesday. I was pummeling myself because I was co-hosting the IWSG on Wednesday, and I am nowhere compared with the talented members of the group. The “Who do you think you are? I’m too old. No one cares what happened a half century ago. I’m a fake, a fraud, etc, and Wow, Louise, you really blew it! You should have written more sooner, because now you need an eye patch to read and to write by hand, if you can focus at all.”

    But interacting with IWSG members lifts me up and inspires me, so I’m going to keep on moving forward.

    I’m really happy for you because I know you’ve been struggling. Sending you a hug and a big dose of encouragement as you tackle that novel!

    • Thanks so much. You get it, of course, because we all land there at some point or other. Let’s both hang in there. 🙂

    • Oh, Louise, I am crying reading this. I know we all do this, but would we ever talk like this to each other? No! I, for one, can guarantee that we at IWSG love you! And your words.

      • mlouisebarbourfundyblue

        Okay, now you’ve given me tears, Joylene. No, I would never say such things to anyone else, but it’s so easy to say them to myself. You’re the best! Simply the best! 🥰❤️

  21. I’m so glad you’re writing again, Anna. We’ve all been there, and so we all how relieved you feel. Big hugs! PS, I answered this yesterday but for some reason it didn’t stick. Glad I came back to check.

  22. How wonderful! It’s good to tap into youthful energy for motivation.

  23. My critique group is invaluable to me when I am stymied, stuck, or just frustrated. They keep me going when the going gets tough.

  24. Steven Arellano Rose

    When I get stuck in my writing I go to at least one of three places: my paper pad to brainstorm, the internet to research, or a cafe to grab a beverage and rest my mind. I’m glad you’ve returned to your writing project(s).

  25. Usually go back to reading. I’ve been hearing about discord too. Seems like a good support place for writers.

  26. Glad to hear you’re writing again. Keep going.

  27. Glad to hear that you’re writing again! 🙂 What I usually do when I’m stuck is change form. For instance, I’ve been writing short novelettes and short stories for the past two years when I got stuck and had no more energy and inspiration to continue – I switched to writing essays and poetry. At some point, I will be ready to go back to writing novelettes and short stories. 🙂

  28. First Anna, bravo to you to move forward in any creative writing project. Way to go!

    In my case, besides crying about it, I get up from my desk and go for a walk down to the lake. No matter the weather. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, I stretch both my neck and my legs and hope for a better tomorrow. All best to you!

  29. So pleased you’re writing again! Wishing you all the best with your MS.

  30. Shannon Lawrence

    Fantastic! Congratulations on being back to the novel. I’m glad you found a supportive channel that helped get you through it.

  31. Yay Emaginette! I’m glad to hear your writing again. I know how it feels and it’s the worst.

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