Beautiful BC

Anna lives in the Boundary Country, close to the Canada-US Border.

She lives in town, but there are fields like this one all along the valley.

By Mickael Brangeon via Wikimedia Commons

There is a different kind of excitement here. Working just out of town, Anna encountered a black bear. He came into her work site; took a long hard look, and walked on. She kept looking for him all the next day. Didn’t like the idea of surprising him, or visa versa.

By Ken Thomas via Wikimedia Commons

A few years ago she was coming back into town along the highway, when she spotted an eagle feeding from a carcass. As Anna got closer it took off, swooping so close to the car she could see its feathers Then . . . flap . . . flap, and it was gone. She’s never been so close to a Bald Eagle since.

And there are rivers–the Grandby and the Kettle. The highways follow them, so the view is fantastic. Here’s a few shots from the web.

It seems silly to put a moose in an album of the Boundary Country, but when you see one Anna thinks you’ll understand. She saw hers on the way to Kelowna. As she tells it, she was driving up a hill, spotted him on the crest, shocked at his silhouette because at first she thought it was the ugliest horse she’d ever seen.

by CHugach Via Wikimedia Commons

Let me explain, he didn’t have his rack and it was a profile. Nah, let’s face it–another blonde moment.

Yeah, she went for an eye examine to shut me up.

There is much more to see. I suggest you check out BC for yourself sometime. It’s worth the visit.

Like Christina Lake for example.


11 responses to “Beautiful BC

  1. I love the photos, it is very beautiful!

  2. Oh, the bear looks so cute! 🙂 Absolutely beautiful place BC is!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Totally different wildlife to what I have here in England – we have no bears

  4. What an engaging writing style – humour and information, enjoyed readingthis one – more please.
    Oh and thanks for finding the time to drop in to my beeseeker blog – much appreciated.

  5. You are right about one thing. If I don’t have it, I don’t go without. In a community like this there is always someone to help. It’s a nice way to live.

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