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Writing with passion–making it work for you

I don’t know if you’ve read what agents or editors want, but here’s what I gleaned. They want the same old thing, but with a new, fresh insight. They realize that most stories have been done to death, so we as writers have to approach them in a different way to revive them.


Well, if individuals are patterned after snowflakes—very few are similar.  We have to put something very personal into our work. I opt for passion. We all have it in us and it is very specific to each of us or we all would want to be pilots, doctors, or teachers. It makes us do more than smile, and  it drives us to be who we are or will become.

It drives my life and I believe that is why we do what we do, and do it so well.

What angers us? Excites us?

Capture your passion and express it on paper. Share your soul with people that read your work and help them realize we’re not that different. Remind them of what living life feels like. What we all seem to share.

How much effort?

Give you readers everything you have. Dig deep and pull out all those moments that hurt, warmed and excited your soul. They took your breath away and if you do it right truly capture this, it will take away the reader’s too.


If you’ve read books on plotting then you, and everyone else, knows what they say. There are three major plot points. Readers, editors and agents, want twists, reversals, etc and that is why they all have been done to death. Let’s face it. Well thought out plots become predictable too. I’ve read that each plot point should have ten possibilities. Once the writer has gone from boring to outrageous, they choose the most believable and surprising twist on the list.

So if I’ve read so has the rest of the writing world.


The only thing someone else can’t put in a book is me. BUT I CAN! I don’t know if it will get me published, but it’s what I’ve decided to incorporate into my next project.  What’s nice about this is even if each of us adds the same passion, none of our work will be the same. Each of us will bring a life of deep emotion into our work making each story completely our own.

What do you think? Am I even in the ball park? Come out tell me what you think.