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How I Survived Writer’s Block

Recently I was stuck. Not sure why. I could have been scared or had writer’s block. Who knows? The thing is I pulled out of it and I’m going to share how it happened.

A colleague asked for a proofreader. I volunteered. I do this often, so remember that if you need someone to read for you. Anyway, as I’m reading this lovely story about dragons, I felt inspired to revisit my project.

I landed up hopping between both projects. A bit for her and a bit for me. Turned out I’d get tired trying to revise my work for several hours at a time without a break.

a change is as good as a rest.

― Winston S. Churchill

I’m almost at the point to shout out for beta readers. Yep, here I go again asking if anyone is interested in reading. Symbiotic Slip will be ready in January. If you like to give it a go sign up below:



Fighting The Block

I’ve hit a wall and I hate it.

This comment was written earlier this week. I expected to pick up the keyboard, set it on my lap and type. No problem. HA, but I was wrong. It took work. When writers advise you to write every day. Do it, do it, cuz not doing it can bite when you try to get going again.

So what happen? Two-thirds through my story I ran into complications. My puzzle pieces didn’t fit just right. Hammering them didn’t make them fit any better. So I had to go back and think about what I’d done. The thinking got to be too much and I walked away.

I suspect, any of my readers would have as well.emaginette's rose, blogger lineart, lineart flower, rose image, black and white rose,

While doing a read through I found the story repetitive and boring. For the record Cozy Mysteries are not boring. They have quirky characters, puzzle pieces galore and they are fun to read.

Okay I can deal. Remove the problem areas and then a twist occurs to me. I’m stumped. Changes the story from paranormal to medical or somewhere in between. Every time I try to write another word there is shaking and quickly thinking of something else I must do.

So I watched Veronica Mars, Psych; read some Stephanie Plum, and looked for answers in Writing the Modern Mystery by Barbara Norville. It helped. I took notes and looked specifically for how fun flavor was added to the characters and situations.

Every time I’ve run into this wall doing such activities usually gets me going again. But not this time. It eventually dawned on me. I started to Google. Cozy Mysteries don’t have much paranormal in them and I knew what I needed to do.

I have to rip away any doubts, go crazy and let loose. Let the words get to the page and not hold back at all. I need to give it everything I have and yes, maybe make a fool out of myself. It is going to be off the wall, or completely unique. I guess I’m pulling from the spark that makes us who we are.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

Any suggestions of what else I can do? Please—don’t be shy. Share. Tell me your secret to keep on keeping on. Thanks.