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What makes a great character? Many things and I’ll add them as I figure them out

Conflict Through Crisis 1

When I was away at the SWiC16, Daniel José Older was a keynote speaker. He talked about working as a medic.  Some stories were funny, lighthearted and others cut a little deep.

What cut deep?

That all of us have moments in our lives that bring about change. They are moments that leave a mark. Once they occur, we  are forever different and carry that moment with us forever.

They can happen when reading an outstanding book, through spiritual enlightenment or a religious experience, meeting someone who becomes a part of our life,  or witnessing/surviving an event.

These moments build our character and make us the people we are today. Whether we were brave about it or not doesn’t matter. What matters is how we let these moments change us.

After a crisis it is impossible to continue as if it didn’t happen.

For example, although doctors face life and death daily, they still go home and live their lives. The life and death events do not affect them on a personal level.

However, a near death experience can be life altering.

Have you ever used a personal crisis within your story and did help build the tension as you intended?