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IWSG #57: DIY Book Covers


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OPTIONAL IWSG Day Question: Besides writing, what other creative outlets do you have?

I’ve messed around with covers. What do you think?

It’s amazing what a person can find online these days.

Here’s the YouTube that started it all:

It’s a how-to series. I followed the advice and my heart and this is where I landed. Didn’t hurt that I got Photoshop (not the subscription but the disc) for Xmas in 2018. I’ve played. I’ve had fun. Learned a lot. A LOT!

Graphic design is nothing like drawing (I only dabbled in sketching, etc.). Some say I have the eye. I know what I like. It’s all subjective like choosing the perfect read.

On another note: still in a funk. Will it ever end?

Have a great month! This time you’ll need to do it for both of us. 🙂