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IWSG 8 — Looking back at NaNo

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Not feeling so weak or insecure after NaNoWriMo 2014.

There are times in a person’s life that they decide to challenge themselves; win or not they have to try. They mutter, challenge accepted. Maybe they do it as Barney did in How I Met Your Mother, or maybe they say it through clenched teeth. After the last few months, I used the clenched teeth method. NaNoWriMo is one of my personal yearly challenges. I do it to learn something new about myself, to test my limits, and to determine my inner strength.

Once upon a time, I was on the outside looking in while writers participated in this worldwide event. When I thought of NaNo and the group of writers all attempting to do the same thing I was in awe. They put personal stuff aside, set goals, and encouraged each other. I knew they built more than stories.

When I finally I had enough of being the outsider, I jumped in expecting to fail. Only real writers won Nano. Real writers wrote poetry, shorts and novels with passion on each page, and words that move their readers, and move themselves.

Was I a real writer?

Some days I’m still not sure, but I won my first year and I won again this year.
The point I’m trying to make is the pendulum has swung back and I feel strong today. I endured until my insecurity faded away. I did things to build myself up like participating in Nano. This year my muse surprised me and made it easier for me to win, but then everything is relative. We know it’s hard to win. If we can do that, then we can do other things too.

A thought to hang on to.

NaNo Can Be Tough, What We Need is Inspiration

I have done NaNo for almost (not done yet) four years. Every year I have a plan, but I Participant-2014-Twitter-Profilealso have my doubts about making it. What if my story prompts don’t prompt? Or my idea hits a wall, peters out, and…

Well, there is no and; I just face failure.

I thought I’d write this post as much for me as the anyone.

Imagination is endless. It is the one thing that the human race has used consistently to further themselves. We are constantly growing, learning, and testing the things around us. It is the one thing that makes the human race amazing.

We are curious and that curiosity leads to discovery. I don’t mean what’s on the other side of the universe, but what is inside our minds, our thoughts. Stories. Books. Plays. Movies. Music. Pretending. All these things come from the human mind. It holds me, cradles me, fills me with wonder.

You and I are a part of this. That’s why we had the brilliant idea that we would write 50k in 30 days. Before we began we felt it and knew that our imaginations are forever filling with amazing thoughts, wild thoughts, thoughts that must be written down and preserved. We knew it then and if we relax and breathe, we’ll be able to tap into it again.



Close your eyes.

Do you see it?

A little light in the darkness.

As you get closer you can see movement.

What are they doing?

What is happening?

Okay—go write something fabulous.

#NaNoWriMo Winner Here!

Okay somehow I did it. I won at NaNoWriMo for a second time in a row. It was much tougher than last time. Like I had mentioned before, I have more rules to follow. I admit I wrote a better story and posted the first page below.

nanowrimo 2012 winner


Dunghill Dullop backed further into the shadows. With his spine against the wall he inched toward the library door. Murmurs of the duty guards echoed from the main hall. He froze in place until the whispering stopped. Swallowing hard he crept along the rough wall. When his mother noticed how snagged his clothes were he would get hell, but Dung kept going because time was running out.

Why had he taught himself to read? Why had he borrowed another book from the king’s library? Why was one book never enough? Why?

Boots resounded on the floor as the guards marched between Dung’s hiding place and the large oak door. The men paused.

“You smell that, Harold?”

“Damn stables when the wind blows just right it comes in to knock us out.”

“Let’s come back later.”

Hard heels clomped along the hallway, getting quieter with each step.

Funny, Dung thought, I don’t smell anything.

The boy tightened his grip on the leather cover, and with swift assurance he came around a corner, then skidded to a stop. Without thinking he slipped behind a suit of armor and tried to quieten his breath. Prince William stood by the library door. He looked one way then the other. A smile, the prince reserved for pushing servant girls out of his way, crossed his face. He slowly opened the library door and went in.

Dung couldn’t stay put. He went to the open door. Peeked around the sharp wooden edge. The prince stood on a ladder pulling out what everyone knew was the king’s favorite book. It had a burgundy cover, with large gold lettering. Something Dung had always wanted to borrow, but was too afraid to take.

After all, all this borrowing would be called stealing if the wrong person caught him in the act.

Prince William opened the book and ripped out one page, two pages, three. Dung wanted to scream, to beg the teenager to stop, but he knew the prince could do what he liked when he liked. Who would listen to a boy from the stables? Dung went back behind the armor wishing the king would never die and that that evil boy would never come to power.


You tell me, How’d I do?

#NaNoWriMo 2012

Guess who is writing for NaNo again this year. Yeah, it’s me. It started on November 1st and will end on November 30th. For anyone who hasn’t heard of it, it is a writing marathon of sorts. The participants write 50,000 words in thirty days. If they meet the word count–they win.

Simple. Difficult. Challenging.

I’m so in.

Last year I won writing a mystery. I met the word count and finished the story. It was such a surprise.

I can’t say my story is something anyone would enjoy reading, not as it is anyway, but I finished.

How did I do it? I assigned a word count that I met every day. I never, ever looked back. If something bothered me I made a note, promised to look at it later, let it go, and kept writing. I have never pushed for something so hard in all my life.

This year will be different. I’ll be working during some of the month which will leave me less time to write. I understand story structure, characterization, dialogue, and voice much better. That could slow me down. If I follow the writing rules, can I do it? Maybe not, but If I write from the heart I know I can.

Meh, I can fix it later.

Last year’s attempt was such a mess. I started revising and finally gave up ten chapters in. I shudder when I think of going back.

Anyway, this year will be fun. My story is called “of Reflection.” My characters range from dragons, royalty, mystic creatures to an arctic fox, I’m hoping for a alien visitation of sorts. I promise to clean it up and post an excerpt . . . eventually.

Let me invite you write, donate or support writing worldwide. Come visit NaNoWriMo and see what all the shouting is about.