Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

It’s been a long time since the first time I watched Buffy, not the movie, the TV series. I recently started to watch the series again and I had forgotten how great the show was.

It may have started out as young adult–true love between vampire and slayer. I could see the honest appeal, but when I started watching Buffy I wasn’t a teen. I was a grown woman raising a child on her own.

The characters were amazing. Let me help you recall some of them. Of course Buffy always fell for the good, bad guys like Angel, and Spike. Xander fell for a praying mantis teacher, a life sucking mummy, the went for a long romance with Cordelia (what a nightmare that was), and eventually wanted to marry an ex-demon named Anya. Willow was the most stable falling for the Oz the werewolf and then Buffy the Vampire Slayer CoverTara the witch.

I loved them all.

The big bads were pretty fun too. First year it was the Master, the next Angleous, later the mayor of Sunnydale, and Glory. There’s more but those are my favorites.

The characters were good but the magic was in the simple fact the audience knew everything — secrets, desires, fears — when most of the characters did not. So when Buffy went to face the Master even when she knew she was going to die, we held our breaths and died a little too. We knew how afraid she was and how brave.

It’s moments like that I’d like to learn to capture on the page. I’ve read about inner and outer conflict, and what it can to do enhance the read. It can change mediocre to powerful.

Have you watched anything lately that amazed you? Tell me about it, so I can check it out too.

16 responses to “Why Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

  1. I also loved Buffy and wasn’t a teen and you’re right about wanting to capture that magic on the page. I’d love to and will keep trying. I do watch the tv and use it as I use reading books, as you have here, to watch plots and characters. As I write crime fiction I recently watched the boxed sets of Rookie Blue. The characters were new on the job so they were nervous and vulnerable and it showed, rather than all the tough guy cop shows out there. I loved it. I also go for dark dramas like Homeland and The Following as I’d love to be able to write quite darkly as well, but with depth. I see watching tv as working πŸ™‚

  2. Believe it or not this is one show that I have always regretted not watching. I have no idea where I was when it first started but I knew nothing, and I do mean nothing about it, until years later after it was already off the air. How I missed seeing it or hearing about it, or maybe just not caring about it enough to look it up if I did hear about it, I have no idea.

    I wonder if all the episodes are on Netflix? If so I really should try a few and see what I think.

  3. I’ve always loved Buffy and I’m not a spring chicken either.
    I’ve been watching The Following and The Killing. Cults and cops. Both are dark, with deep, flawed characters. You can’t read the inner turmoil but you can sure see it. And must not forget The Walking Dead!

  4. Great post. I have never watched Buffy because I thought it was for kids I guess. I’ll check it out on Netflix. I’m working on writing characters with inner turmoil too and trying to let the reader in on the info. Hard to balance all that in writing. Too much or too little for the reader? I guess we just go with our writer instinct. I really enjoy the Netflix original series with Kevin Spacey. He plays such a bad bad guy and he’s so smooth in the political drama, House of Cards, has every kind of angst, manipulation, heat, murder, lies….oooh, gotta love it!

  5. jenniferbielman

    I rewatch the whole Buffy TV series about once a year. It’s just so amazing. The supernatural aspect is amazing but the humor and emotions packed into each episode is not even real sometimes. I have cried and laughed so hard with these character. It’s just effing genius.

  6. I’ve never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I look forward to seeing it on Netflix.

  7. sherry fundin

    I have seen some Buffy. She came to my attention while I was watching Angel. I really got hooked on that show and It led me to charmed and supernatural to add to my paranormal education. ^+^ Anything new? I love all my murder shows, but am really enjoying the twist of Person of Interest. My interests in TV are like my interests in books – game for almost anything as long as its good.

  8. Never watched Buffy, but I’m currently watching “Agents of SHIELD”. And it’s incredibly good. Slow start with more character development, but once it hit the halfway point it’s been amazing. It also has a diverse cast with a lot of good female characters, which is really important to me.

    And hey, it’s also a Joss Whedon-backed series. Go figure. ^_^

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