“The Sun’s Rival” by Danielle E Shipley

I have a question for Danielle, but first lets look at the blurb:



I asked:

“So what draws you into to fantasy? Why are you so passionate about it?”

Danielle’s thoughts:

What I love about fantasy is that it isn’t afraid to be cool. Oh, there are definitely cool things about real life, too. Things like… the sky, with all its weather here in our atmosphere, and the vastness of space beyond. The sea; such power, such depth, such wild and ever-changing beauty. And trees; look how long trees can live, how huge they can grow. When you look at natural elements scientifically, they’re already pretty cool.

But when you look at them through the lens of pure, childlike imagination, they can be even more.

The trees can walk or talk or both, be a home to dryads, or a prison to wizards. The sea can teem with sirens and selkies or (my personal favorite) a kraken! The sun can be driven across the sky in a fiery golden chariot. Moonlight can hold the key to a million magical transformations below. What limit to the malevolence of storms, or the benevolence of stardust?

No limit at all.

Look around our world through that fantasy lens. What do you see now?

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Good Luck Everyone!

6 responses to ““The Sun’s Rival” by Danielle E Shipley

  1. Thanks so much for the tour stop, Anna! And for your inspiring question, too. ^.^

  2. jenniferbielman

    Not sure if it’s for me.

  3. Magic, love, and adventure sound like a great combination. Awesome prizes.

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